2012/11/12 Today,I decided to talks about Block B scandal -a new one in recently [121109]
First off,I write based on my opinion and I'm not following all source based on allkpop.
3 simple things not bringing to made fun are
1.race 2.gender 3.suffering stories
and Block B had across these.
I watched that show trying to understand so hard that just for fun but ain't no fun for me how come for the boys can joke about how ugly of a girl when they had no made up with their actions like that this time i think Block B totally deserved hate [I'll write Block B Thailand controversy below and you'll get it why i said they deserved it]
ppl if made a mistake 1 or 2 time should be learn from that experience but they sound like not even learn from the past.
and went out to apologize again,they should know how to get manner first,know that a chance to be singer isn't easy,know that thing should do or shouldn't I'm really upset how many times seriously to apologize and still said it that not joke with girl idol but we know that they refer to Kara-Nicole now Kara fans out to said it rude.
however,they said that refer to noona/not a girl group...no don't do that even with staff.

Someone will see it why this called rude if another group did it will be not rude or not? 
they're not so closed as a personal with them so don't say sth like that.
secondly,this a commonsense should know it.
Block B member not a kid [was born 1990-1993] but why look childish and company protest it,they're just hyper.

Don't get me wrong I'm not compare boys idol who really hyper such as Mir,Lee Joon,Key,Heechul,Chanyeol etc.when they has interview or join the show why they can control themselves? Go to study ,has a manner class boys,I support Korean music but if sth idiot like this i can't closed my eyes and support without thinking twice seriously this time is too much!!!! 
Early 2012,we remember right Block B had scandal in Thailand made funny about flooding.and Nichkhun 2PM member who is Thai went out to comments about their less manner,that time I was wondering a sec that Nichkhun is too much sensitive or not?
Is really Block B deserved that hate?
Can we include Thai ppl forgive and give a chance for them? 
don't get confused about Zico said will donated 700 won nothing about money for this issue but about their action more.

I'm not Block B fan and not anti them at all.
I've read/listen from their fans and an important reason inside of me,I dislike the way they made fun even not means in serious in first place,Thai ppl had suffering from flooding over 3 months no food no help stay with bad situation ,so many ppl were found dead even their government office in capital city Bangkok had effect from this,I've know Thai ppl who living in BKK and they got suffer from flooding losing money,important things to continue their life.I remember that time well coz my university made donate for Thailand campaign. Also, understand why Thai ppl got mad after heard/watched Block B actions if someone made joke to me about Tsunami I'll thinking the same.
even can forgive but sure can't forget.

if you want to know 
full interview in Thai[proof to their controversy]
after that come out to Apologize:

Flooding in Thailand
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