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 I’m so glad I found this role-play just in time to audition!

Name: Nina Silva
Age: 23
Hometown: New York, NY
College: Bachelor’s Degree at Columbia University, and Graduate Degree at Georgetown University
Occupation: The Smithsonian Institute
Likes: Shiny things, old books, dancing, sunny days, art galleries, card games, bakeries, perfectly done nails, ancient history, doodling, knick knacks and oddities
Dislikes: Ignorance, cigarette fumes, boredom, mice, bad hair days, stereotypes
Style: Skinny jeans, flowy shirts, chunky bracelets, ankle boots, chandelier earrings, cross-body bags, wedges
Appearance: Long and lean, olive complexion, green eyes. Her long dark brown hair is always down and flying everywhere.
Relationship status: Single (what else is new?)
Family: She is the only child of a loving middle class family who lives above their family owned restaurant in Soho.
Strengths: Intelligence, confidence, eagerness to learn, punctuality
Weaknesses: Stubborness, public speaking, short attention span when disinterested in something, takes everything personally
Life goals: Hopefully to discover something, to learn about the world past/present/future and help other people learn, and ultimately to be happy.
Biggest fear: Being a failure, and a disappointment to her parents
Personal mantra: “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss you’ll and among the stars.” ~Les Brown
Idols: Her Mother, Charles Darwin, Michelle Obama, Pocahontas, Jane Austen
Favourite foods: Coffee Cake, fresh baked bread, raspberries, chinese takeout, chicken wraps, spicy food, shrimp
Favourite films: The Other Boleyn Girl, Pocahontas, Cleopatra, Tarzan, Pirates of the Caribbean, Inception
Favourite books: The Odyssey, Fahrenheit 451, Lord of the Flies, 1984, Sense & Sensibility
Five personality traits: Curious, loyal, creative, calm, and clever

- In what way(s) is your character like you?
I'm different from this character in a few of the nuances and specifics I've created in her. I do think that our personalities are similar, and that we are the same at heart ( like the Strengths & Weaknesses)
- Are you going to be committed to your character long term? Please be honest – this will only work if everyone is committed.
I'm definitely ready to be committed to this character, I think this is such an interesting role-play, and I love being given the opportunity to create my own character. If I'm busy, and can't make sets one week, I'll compensate by making extra sets the following or previous week.
-What do you think you can bring to the group?
I really love story writing and role-plays. I consider myself a pretty good writer, and I like to play with story lines for my characters, and involve other characters
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