|| Teen Wolf RP.

Thomas POV.

When June came back home, I felt something was wrong. I asked, and obviously, she told me nothing happened. She just saw two dudes that she has to work with for an assignment. Nothing wrong then.
I was gonna let it go, but she passed before me to grab something to eat in the fridge, I sensed it. She was with a werewolf. A Hale.
If I trusted my instinct, I'ld tell her to not lie to me, that I know she was with a Hale, and that I just know something happened.
But I couldn't. She doesn't the truth about me. About them.
So I told her I was gonna do some grocery shopping, and took the car, but to go a totally different place.
Minutes later, I parked my car in front of the Hale house, or shockingly, what rested of it.
It was burned, it was awful, it was smelling like deaths and fire, and everything except life.
I wasn't far of my car when a man appeared. His eyes turning red.
- Derek Hale? I ask.
- Yes, he answers from where he stood, on the porch.
- I suppose you know who I am.
- June's brother, he answers easily.
- I came to say to announce my venue and that I have no links with hunters. No harm, and I just want for your pack and my family to be in a peaceful trice.
- I would never hurt June. She's like family to me, he says very honest.
I was kind of surprised by his answer. I know our families were closed by the time, but ....
- I saw June earlier. I didn't even recognize her, she changed. A lot, admitted Derek.
- Yes, she did. Though I barely saw her for a few years, she isn't a kid anymore.
- A few years? You left more than that. She was sad, so sad when you left. She never really forgave you, didn't she? 
- That's... none of your business, I reply bitterly.
Derek chuckled in answer. 
- June still doesn't know about our real nature. I count on you for still keeping the secret from her.
- You won't able to do that for a long time, announces Derek.
- Maybe. But I don't want her to be involved. I don't want her to be hurt.
- It's a bit too late for that, says Derek.
The guy was hitting my nerve.
- Where's Laura? I ask, suddenly feeling off.
- You don't know?
- What are you talking about?
- She's dead.
I couldn't believe it. She's dead. So that means Derek is the only one Hale left...
- How? I ask.
- Long story. Maybe if you come to meet my pack another day, you could hear it.
- I am sorry.
We shared a look, and he nodded. I decided it was the right time for me to leave.
Back home, I realized I didn't made any grocery shopping. So I called for a pizza to be delivered instead. And when I entered back the house, I saw June on the sofa watching a movie. I just sat next to her and smiled. She was my family after all.

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