for those of you who haven't met lola:
- she is the head wild child on campus
- she's tight with her roomie, ale (and probably corrupted her)
- she's currently sleeping with a) mike, an older businessman (matt bomer), b) brad, her dance partner (liam hemsworth), c) alex, her best friend (nate gill) and d) casey, alex's roomie (no model yet)
- she can be crazy, but she's also very caring and sticks up for her friends
- she's waiting to hear back from her audition for the seattle dance company
- and she spent her summer back in hawaii, teaching underprivileged kids how to dance

also for continuity's sake, all her old stories happened last semester (jan-may 2012). she started college a semester late, so she's now a second-semester junior.

Sunday September 23: Introduction sets! Today we are all moving in the dorm and meet our roommates. You never know what kind of people will be waiting for you behind those dorm doors so it’ll be an interesting day to say the least.

“Be good.”

My grandfather hugged me tightly, smelling distinctly of floral cologne and moth balls. I tipped his Bermuda hat forward slightly, grinning. 

“I’m always good, Grandpa.”

“I know, Lola,” he said in his thick Cuban accent, giving me one last squeeze. “I will miss you.”

I looked up at the faces of my mother and father behind him, both smiling at me. 

It hadn’t been an easy summer. A week after I’d arrived back in Hawaii, my grandmother had passed away. Grandpa was at a loss without her, and I’d spent all my free time at his house, smoking Cubans and listening to his life stories. My other waking hours were spent at the dance school, running workshops for kids. 

I felt pretty guilty about leaving.

“Take care of him,” I told my father once Grandpa was out of earshot. 

“He’ll be fine.”

I hugged my parents one last time before my flight was called, and I had to leave them standing in the departure lounge. 

The last thing I saw was Grandpa wiping away a single tear.


“Why do you have so many bras?”

“Dammit Alex, if you’re not going to help me unpack, you should leave.”

I felt something hit my head, and turned to find a leopard-print bra falling to the floor. Alex looked at me with his best innocent face, and I scowled.

“Why do I let you come here again?”

“Because I’m such a good time,” he winked, jumping onto my bed and bouncing slightly. The springs creaked underneath him.

I rolled my eyes, picking up my underwear and shoving it all into a drawer, packed so full it barely closed. As I stood up, the door swung open, almost connecting with my face.

“Watch it!” I yelped, jumping back. Ale peered around the door, sunglasses perched on top of her head, grinning widely. 

“Well, hello to you too, Lo.” Her eyes flicked across to Alex as she pulled her matching suitcases into the room, closing the door with her foot. “This seems oddly like the last time I moved in. Except,” she paused, placing her hands on her hips and looking at Alex, “you don’t go here anymore.” 

Alex had graduated at the end of last semester, and was now living as a free man, sitting on the bench for the Seahawks. He probably wouldn’t see game time this year, but he still got paid. Enough to move into a house just across from campus with Casey, and two other guys that I hadn’t met. Casey, on the other hand, had taken Alex’s position as football captain, enjoying his last year as big man on campus and finally stepping out of his best friend’s shadow.

“I’m still allowed to come see my favourite girl, right?” Alex asked, smirking.

I rolled my eyes. “Shut up.”

“I was talking about Ale, not you.”

Ale laughed, bending down to unzip her suitcase before reconsidering, placing her hands back on her hips. “I need to unpack, but I don’t want you here.”

“Me?” Alex asked, feigning an innocent look again. 

“Yeah, you. Lola probably doesn’t care if you see all her underwear, but I definitely do.”

“Guess I’m not getting lucky today,” Alex grumbled, swinging his legs off the bed and stretching as he stood up. “I picked you up from the airport and everything.”

“Oh my god, I have been on campus for twenty minutes and – ”

Alex grinned, pressing his lips against mine quickly to stop me talking. “Like that’s ever stopped you.”

After he left, Ale and I stood in silence for a few seconds before she launched herself at me, enveloping me in a huge hug. 

“How are you feeling?” she asked, brushing her hand over my hair. 

“I’m okay.”

“I know I already called you like three times, but I’m really sorry about your grandma.”

I smiled weakly – I’d tried not to think about it since I got back to Seattle. “Thanks, Ale.”

“If you need anything, I’m here. Do you want a coffee? I think I need one before unpacking. I’ll get you one.”

She didn’t wait for an answer, striding out the door and out of my line of sight. I sank onto my bed, crossing my legs in a meditative position, and closed my eyes.

I’d forgotten how different life was here.

My phone buzzed next to me, and I picked it up to see a message from Mike.

“Are you back yet? Can I see you?”

I sucked in my breath. I felt bad saying no, but I really wasn’t in the mood.

“Tomorrow? I’m super tired.”

“Okay, sleep well x.”

Stretching out my legs, I lay down on my still-unmade bed, staring up at the ceiling. Hopefully Ale would soon come back with coffee, find a good movie, and join me for a night in.

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Wrote 4 years ago

Wrote 4 years ago
hi lola! it's tallulah here. it's really nice to meet you! lunch soon?

Wrote 4 years ago
That story was TOO AMAZING kljfklajfdljkljafl;k it was perfect

Wrote 4 years ago
do we want a romcom or an action movie for tonight?
xo, ale
ps- if you sneak alex back in and hide him unnder your bed or something, i'm going to be sorely disappointed in you.
i'll try and have my set up tomorrow but i have my first day of class today (!!! SEND HELP jk it's totally just drawing but still !!!) and then i'm going to the seahawks game with my dad. oops, i already have to play catch up.



Dangling off the Edge

Dangling off the Edge

I thought that was such a cool name! The name really doesn't pertain to what the group is about. This group is for anyone and everyone who loves being creative and believes that there are NO RULES in fashion. Because there aren't. BUT fashion is not the Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus, Hollister, or Abercrombie... unless you can make any of that even look like fashion, your set might be deleted, sorry. A contest will go every week and I will have a "set of the day" everyday, AND a Member of the Week every Sunday. So have fun, and enjoy!!!

You are FIERCE!

You are FIERCE!

*This group was created on February 2, 2011.
A group for those who believe in their sets and aren't afraid to show their confidence in them! Be bold, be beautiful, be who you are!
Everyone is welcome!
We will have weekly contests, unless otherwise stated.
***** Please no text sets. (Unless you feel really, really confident in them.)

The Greatest People You Will Ever Meet

The Greatest People You Will Ever Meet

So this is the official group. I will leave the other one up as an audition group in the case that we add more members down the road.
The icon and name are temporary. We'll decide on the name as a group, kk?
Same rules and general info apply as before:
♦ The group should be between 10-15 people. Anything larger than that would probably cause madness.
♦ How it will work:
-I'll make each person a mod, so we can chat through announcements.
-We will also hold tinychats [maybe once a week/month?]
♦ We will help each other by:
-faving and commenting sets
-assisting in model searches [for rps or just general knowledge]
-fashion advice
-gushing over crushes together
-movie/book/music suggestions
-talk about obsessions [i.e.- The Hunger Games, Sherlock, even One Direction.]
-picture clipping
-just providing a listening ear
♦ Hating of any sort is not allowed. Cyber bullying is a no-no.
Member list [no particular order]
-Angie [etchasketchinlola] 23 | NYC
-Farah [wakeupfarah] 19 | NYC
-Isabel [withacherryontop] 15 | NorCal
-Maria [mariajane] 19 | New Orleans, LA
-Vy [hautedamn] 16 | Los Angeles, CA
-Marisa [the-importance-of-being] 21 | New York
-Emily [emmylou] 16 | SoCal
-Danielle [suchawasteofayoungheart] 20 | London/California
-Nikki [nifty-nikki] 17 | NorCal
-Naomi [thatporcelaindoll] 15 | NYC &
-Kira [luvbug44072] 14 | Queensland, Australia
-Hannah Grace [hannah-grace] 19 | USA
-Ara [the-wild-things] 20 | Seattle, WA
-Aly [alycat] 22 | ACT, Australia
-Emma [m00n-child] 17 | New England
-Taylor [luxecouture] 18 | USA
-Ella [istylista] 15 | NorCal
-Cori [coriiiii] 19 | Maryland



someone should write something interesting here
- danielle
something interesting
- aly
i see what you did there
- danielle
aly -
my love life is a vast empty desert
there's m, only m. he likes me,
i don't like that he has a girlfriend.
maria has no boys.
she might have a crush
but probably not
CORI'S BOYS, nay, MEN (I wish)
danielle -
oh hey i have a cute english boyfriend how did that happen

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