A little big edgy, a little bit girly; and a whole lot of cute. This set totally reflects my typical taste in day to day fashion. Currently I'm loving oxford styled heels, wooden accessories and clothes that look great and keep me warm (summer is winding down here in Canada, and it's starting to grow a little chilly).

I have a very rare blood disorder called "Porphyria". One of the many ways it affects my body is by making my skin *extremely* sensitive. Therefore, all the makeup (except the lipgloss) is 100% all natural. It's the only type of beauty products I can put on my face without a violent reaction; plus it's better for the environment and I support the Green Movement. The perfume is a mix of Jasmine and Nectarine scents - definitely two scents I love.

Finally, all the quotes surrounding the outfit reflect my views on life and/or my sense of humour.
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