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first few stories will be just intros to better know lily again.

Lily Taylor McKinnley
September 19, 2012
Big Apple Interns

“So what are you up to today, you wanna grab some lunch uptown?” I looked on in disgust as Gabe stuffed yet anther mouth full of his peanut butter nacho cheese sandwich in his mouth.

How he could even eat that, let alone talk about getting more food was beyond me.

“I’m heading uptown but for work, I’m watching Maddie today.”

After a month of living off my paycheck solely from my internship when I first moved to the city, I knew that a second job was a must. That’s when I went on the long tiring search of finding some rich New York family to let me watch their kids. 

Now six months later and I’m completely in love with Maddie Baker, the two-year-old that belonged to some couple who had little time for her.

“Christ woman, you watch that little woman all the time.”

I laughed, smacking him upside his head. “It’s called a job dummy, which you should be at if I’m not mistaken.”

“I came home for lunch,” he pouted.

“But this isn’t your home Gabe, only Cap and I live here. When you start paying rent, then you can call this apartment home.”

We stared each other down for a second before Cap ambled into the room, heaving his body right on top of Gabe who was lying on the couch.

“What the hell, your dog has absolutely no respect for my $300 sweater.” I rolled my eyes.

Cap, no matter what obstacle in his way, would stake his spot on the couch. Him and Gabe we constantly at war over whose couch it actually was. I on the other hand did the reasonable thing and went and brought an arm chair so I’d actually have a place to sit in my own home.

“This is his couch and we’re leaving anyways so just give him his damn spot already.” Yanking Gabe up by his precious sweater, I gave Cap’s ear a little scratch and then left, with Gabe at my heels.

“Can’t you just blow her off,” He asked, practically whining in my ear in the elevator. “I’ll even pay for lunch and I’ll take you shopping.”

I was ready to smack him before I heard the last part.

Eyeing him skeptically, I backed him into the corner of the elevator, poking him in the chest repeatedly.

“You’re lying.”

“I’m not, anywhere and anything you want.”

“I can’t call off on such short notice.”

“Bring her with you,”

I giggled, stepping out when the elevator doors opened on the ground floor.

“You must be really lonely if you want me to bring Maddie.”

He rolled his eyes, sliding on his Ray-Ban’s and slinging his arm around my shoulder – his usual position where ever we walked.

“Yeah I’m just desperate for some company, now are we doing this or not?”

Now I had to roll my eyes. “Settle down, and yes, you know I’m coming if you’re offering up a shopping spree.”

“So you’re only coming for the clothes, not to spend time with me?” He yelled, garnering attention from people near us. 

Extremely embarrassed, I walked as fast as I could down the stairs of the train station laughing as Gabe yelled on and on, his voice getting increasingly girly.


“Uppy, uppy!” Maddie squealed happily in the swing we put her in, beaming up at me.

After picking up her up and spending some time at the house, we had a quick lunch at some bistro and then the real fun began.

Zara, Nordstorm, Saks Fifth Ave.; Maddie and I were happy but I had a feeling Gabe’s credit card would be out of commission for a while.

“Did you have a good day boo?” I gave Maddie an Eskimo kiss making her giggle.

We came to the park for some fun – well I came to play with Maddie while Gabe decided it was nap time.

He laid sprawled on a nearby bench grumbling to himself.

“You okay Young; you’re looking a little worn out.”

He showed me a not so friendly finger before rolling over to his side, showing me his backside.

“I think someone is a little grumpy, what’d you think Maddie?” I giggled, making her smile.

I had a feeling Maddie would be seeing a lot less of Gabe from now on…maybe I’d get a break too.

“You’re gonna have to cook a lot of meals to pay me back for the small fortune I just spent. We can start your payments tomorrow morning; I want a spinach omelet with bacon.” I could almost hear the smug smile on his face.

I guess I wouldn’t be getting rid of him that easy.
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