----------------------------THE HOST-----------------------------

Ian has black hair, sapphire blue eyes, fair skin, and a perfect small nose. He is tall and muscular. He looks very similar to his brother Kyle. ...

Ian O'Shea is one of the rebel humans, living in Jeb's caves, together with his older brother Kyle. When Wanderer showed up in Melanie's body, his prejustice against the souls made him side the majority that wanted her dead. Being one of the strongest men in the caves, he participated in an attempt to kill her and almost succedded to strangle her. Seeing how scared she was, he soon started feeling guilty for his attack. When Jeb allowed her to move freely in the caves, Ian started following her, initially out of curiosity and soon as he started feeling she needed protection. He is thus one of the first characters that saw through his hatred for the souls. Ian believes that Wanderer is an innocent girl who does not deserve to be punished because she inhabits Melanie's body. He eventually falls in love with her and becomes extremely devoted to her. Ian does not get along well with Jared, partially due to Wanda's affection for him and partially because of Jared's willingness to harm Wanda for his own personal gain. Ian is the only person who understands how Wanda thinks, and feels responsible for her since she is so self-sacrificing.
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