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there’s only so much that a single person can do to stop the pain. that’s why so often we turn to others to heal us, to a stitch up our cuts but sometimes they only slap bandaids on bullet wounds and tell you that you’re fine while you just end up bleeding more. that’s why sometimes we make other people our happiness, we become dependent on them and burn our own houses down as a sign of surrendering and we move in with them but then, they get tired of your sorrow and they send you packing and in need of a home and you have yet to realize, that you are your own home. and sometimes you need help from others. you need blood transfusions and a hand to hold. but at the end of the day, you are still your home. so remember that next time your trembling hands are holding the matches, getting ready to set yourself up in flames. and think, is it really worth it to burn out? yes, you’ll be warm and full of light for a while, but self destruction never turns into anything beautiful, all it does is cause a temporary relief and leave you shaking in the ashes. // is it worth it?

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necklace: http://www.twinkledeals.com/necklaces/vintage-alloy-faux-rammel-necklace/p_486945.html

wallet: http://www.twinkledeals.com/wallets/covered-closure-metal-pu-leather/p_507487.html

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