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hope springs audition

name: rowan cameron wilson
age: twenty-five (soon to be twenty-six)
birthday: may nineteenth, 1987
born in: hope springs, new york
college: columbia university (undergrad); university of chicago (mba)
current job: junior associate at hope springs accounting firm
likes: high fashion, skiing, hot yoga, angry birds, shopping, herbal tea, dobermans, knit collage, turbands, loungewear on sundays, her job.
dislikes: lap dogs, forever 21, costume jewelry, poor manners, running, pc computers, most beer.
appearance: long brown ombre hair, petite
height: 5’2
weight: 105lbs
style: really into shorts and heels to elongate her frame but very put together
personality: rowan is incredibly bright but at the same time incredibly dense when it comes to feelings and sharing them. it’s what’s gotten her in trouble when it’s come to dating. however, ro is fiercely loyal to her friends and has a hard time saying no if it means a great deal to them. she’s very family oriented, but she can’t help but feel a twinge of jealousy when she sees everyone else settling down but her.
bio: rowan grew up in the town of hope springs – her father from here originally as well. growing up, everyone in town thought that rowan and rylan arkell would end up married, but the two best friends couldn’t get over the fear of rejection to make anything happen. fast forward through awkward high school years and their time at columbia together where rowan witnessed rylan date shanna for almost three years, rowan realized nothing was ever going to happen between the two of them. and that’s when she met nate doucer and thought she fell in love with him. the two dated for almost a year but decided they were better off as friends. after a move to chicago to complete her accounting designation, rowan found herself moving home at the age of 24 and settling in hope springs.
cash wilson (52) – owns a very successful construction company. distant and busy, cash wilson worked his way from a measly construction worker to the owner of the most successful construction companies in new york state by the time he was 30. rowan definitely gets her inability to show emotion from her father.
lacey morgan-wilson (50) – owns an art studio in town after an early retirement as a judge. lacey is very opinionated, always pushing her daughters to strive for the best because she truly believes that they deserve it.
trista wilson (25) – rowan’s younger sister; the wild child of the family. trista grew up in the overbearing shadow of perfect rowan and ended up acting out as a result of it. it’s hard to believe the girl is now a nurse at the hope springs hospital and engaged to miles turner, nate doucer’s partner in the police force.
past/current relationships: 
the men:
rylan arkell (27)
rowan’s former best friend turned almost boyfriend turned someone she hasn’t talked to in a while. for as long as anyone can remember it was always going to be rowan and rylan together – the inevitable couple; that was until rylan got a girlfriend he couldn’t get rid of and rowan had done enough waiting around for him and instead went off to chicago to complete her mba in accounting.
model: sam palladio

porter bradman (32)
rowan’s neighbour in her loft apartment. he’s got a thing for the pint-sized beauty, but rowan can barely take him seriously with the women that traipse in and out of porter’s place night after after. surprisingly, he works as the local pediatrician in hope springs.
model: joe manganiello
best friends:
nate doucer (28)
the guy rowan lost her virginity to in her third year of university. they remained friends ever since. nate is now a police officer in hope springs.
model: wilson bethel

any other takers?
shanna wilhelm (27)
rylan’s ex-girlfriend who moved to hope springs a few months before rowan returned. she and rylan are no longer together (they broke up in rowan’s third year at columbia), but shanna has her heart set on getting a ring on her finger and becoming mrs arkell.
model: michaela mcmanus
model: rachel bilson
taken by: vogueapparel

“Thanks again, Porter,” A cougar purrs as I open the door to my loft to see a slutty woman standing in the doorway of Porter Bradman’s place. I make eye contact with Porter and roll my eyes a bit as he smirks. 

“Ro,” Porter says as the woman walks down the stairs. I laugh at him. 

“Another mother of one of your patients?” I ask playfully, but I was being serious. He laughs, leaning against the doorframe shirtless. I think I’d feel like I was in the twilight zone if I ever saw Porter with a shirt on.

“You know this could all end if you’d just agree to go out on a date with me,” Porter growls as he walks out into the hallway towards me. I laugh at him. 

“Maybe when you get a filter,” I say back to him as I walk down the hallway. 

“I’m working on it!” He shouts as I descend the stairs, chuckling a bit at him.

“A coffee for the lady,” Officer Nate Doucer smiles at me as he walks into my office later that morning. 

“Why thank you,” I say, kissing my best friend on the cheek, hearing Mara, the office’s 65yr old secretary cluck her tongue at me. “When are you two getting married?” was her absolute favourite question when it came to Nate and I. 

“Never,” Nate offers before Mara even asks. She smirks at my best friend as he holds the door open for me as we walk out of the accounting firm and down the street to get something from The Cookie Jar.

“Rowan!” I hear the voice of Sam Winchester as I enter the place. Sam was my electrician.

“Join us,” He says, before gesturing that Nate and I join him at his table with his brother and sister, Kate. 

“We’re just kind of picking something up on the run,” I explain to him and I see his expression fall a bit, while Nate maintains his constant smirk.

“Just something to go,” I say to Marley Winchester, the Winchesters’ youngest child. She smirks at the two of us, motioning her head towards the door where Shanna Wilhelm walks through, the sound of her annoying kitten heels clicking on the floor, making her 5’11 frame seem eerily more awkward.

“I’ll have a caramel latte, please,” Shanna half-whines half-growls, interrupting the two of us. 

“Oh Rowan, I didn’t even see you there!” She fakes, and Nate coughs to cover his laugh at her obnoxious comment. I smile politely at her, as Marley ignores Shanna and takes our order.

“Rylan’s coming home this weekend,” Shanna says to a girl I’m not familiar with. 

“I’m so excited to see him,” She adds.

Rylan Arkell was coming home? To Hope Springs? He lived in New York.

I eye Nate whose eyes remain forward, exhibiting his convincing poker face. 

“There you go, Ro,” Marley says depositing our lunches on the counter wrapped perfectly in The Cookie Jar takeout.

“Thanks, Marley,” I say before, grabbing Nate by the arm and dragging him out of the bakery.

“What?” Nate says after I release him outside. 

“Rylan? Really? You’re going to pretend like you didn’t know?” I ask as we take a seat on the bench a block away from my office. He smirks again. 

“Don’t know what you’re talking about, Ro,” Nate responds, biting into his sandwich.

“D-ck,” I mutter underneath my breath as the butterflies subside from my nervousness. 

Rylan Arkell was coming to Hope Springs. Our Hope Springs. I hadn’t seen him since I came back home. And there he was.

No literally there he was, walking down the street with a dog on a leash.


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