- Hardest of Hearts // Florence + the Machine

Carmen Hale
Age/Birthday: 20 [July 13th 1992]
Known as: The Colourful One
Favourite song: Dakota // Stereophonics
“Sleeping in the back of my car
We never went far
Didn't need to go far
You made me feel like the one”
Occupation: Work at Cue [the clothing store]
Likes: Bright colours, travelling, foreign cultures, summer, jewellery, Lolita, fruity cocktails, her hair, individuality, intelligent conversation, painting, baking, water bottles
Dislikes: staying in once place to long, covering her legs, long pants, hospital, hats, sunburn, her freckles, being hit on by nasty people, wine, bug spray, broken hearts, her ex, hairspray, people who put other’s down.
Musical Inspiration: Florence + the Machine and Kate Bush
Biography: Carmen has always been a cheerful and curious girl. Her mother was a diplomat so she spent the first 11 years of her life exploring the globe and developed an appreciation for everything colourful and unique. When she was 12 however her aunt’s husband got sick so the whole family relocated to Melbourne and has been here ever since, though Carmen does go on a foreign holiday at least twice a year to stop herself getting bored and antsy. She’s extremely open minded and willing to try almost anything at least once, the weirder or more unique the better. She values intelligence in people, all different kinds of intelligence and can’t stand stupid people or mean people. She’s sworn off boys and relationships in general since a particularly nasty breakup last year, despite the best efforts of her friends, though she loves socialising with people and meeting new friends. Carmen loves everything artistic; painting, sculpting, writing and of course making music which is basically why she loves the youtube videos she makes with the other girls though whether or not Carmen is ready for (or even wants) fame is another thing entirely.
Hidden talent: She’s an amazing artist – painting in particular 
Relationship status: Single and sworn off men
Model: Cintia Dicker


Yay! I'm beyond excited to write for Carmen :D

so the girls are meant to know each other somehow and stuff from before, anyone have any ideas for that? [Because my ideas dried up before I ever had them]

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