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"Thomas! Can you /please/ put Elizabeth in her stroller?" I called from upstairs, trying with much difficulty, to snap my favorite skirt around my belly. I'd gotten it for Christmas from my parents, but of course they had gotten my normal size. They didn't bother to give me some room to lose the baby weight. 

In other words, I still looked like a whale. 

"I'm going, I'm going," Thomas muttered from the kitchen, it sounded. "Where's Charli?" he asked in a louder voice and I heard Elizabeth begin to cry. 

"Shopping or something," I answered. Sure the one time we really needed her help, the one time she could really be helping us now that Elizabeth was finally here, Charli ditched us to find something better to do. 

"What do I do, Liv? She's crying again," Thomas asked in a tired voice as I came down the stairs, still slightly wobbly like a penguin. I hated this.

"Thomas, you're her Daddy," I said, tight-lipped. "Figure it out."

"I just changed her!" Thomas argued, getting frustrated. 

"Maybe she needs some loving," I suggested, eyeing him. "You don't seem to have much left for her lately."

Then he narrowed his eyes at me, outright giving me a glare that I rarely saw in him. Lately, we'd both been more stressed out, for obvious reasons, and we were bringing out the worst in each other. "You have no room to talk, Olivia."

Elizabeth let out a blood-curdling scream.

"We'll meet you there, Thomas," I snapped, picking up Elizabeth from her stroller and grabbing her diaper bag. We started toward the park without him, and Elizabeth didn't seem to care because she soon grew quiet.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"Let me see those chubby cheeks!" Ava grinned as we reached the park. Everyone was meeting up for a little picnic and this was the first real time any of them had seen Elizabeth. Sure, they'd come to the hospital when she was born, but now they were really seeing her for the princess that she was.

"Aw Oli, she's so precious," Lexi said, glancing over at her own kids as David played with them on the slide.

"God, you and Thomas make a good baby," Alaska added and we all laughed. 

"Well thank you," I replied with a smile, even though I was still mad at him.

"Where /is/ Thomas?" Ava asked, looking behind me. Marcus was nowhere to be seen either, but I guessed he had a better reason than Thomas. And I guessed from Ava's glow that they weren't fighting, either.

"Um, he's coming," I answered. "He forgot something at the house."

"You walked here?" Sienna asked, joining our little circle. 

"It's not too far," I said, looking down. "So, where's the food? I'm starving, and I have the belly to prove it."

"Don't worry Oli, it'll go away," Ava assured me with a smirk. "And you look great no matter what."

"You always look great," Lexi agreed. "I mean it."

"Thank you," I said, smiling genuinely. "I really needed that."

I brought Elizabeth over to the table to get my food, my friends all gathered around me, and I knew everything would be okay. I just hoped Thomas and I could work it out soon, because I didn't want Elizabeth thinking she had rotten parents who didn't love each other.

Because I loved Thomas more than anything.

It was just hard sometimes.

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