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FRIDAY 14 2014
Betty's Bakery is serving free cupcakes to VH in honor of Valentine's day, there won't be school today so you can cuddle (or more) with your special someone or go out with the girls if you don't have anyone to spend today with.

"So are you upset?" The question caught me off guard and I looked at the girl next to me. She caught me off guard and I flitted through my mind to remember her name. 

Wait! Issy. Issy Cunningham. I didn't know what she was in for and I didn't have to ask. I took in her skinny form and I just knew. 

"Upset about what? Not having a Valentine?" I asked laughing. 

She blinked at me. "Oh er, no I just noticed that your family didn't come the other day." I watched as a pretty blush sprayed across her cheeks. 

Inside my insides squirmed. I started at stuck at what to say. She'd been so blunt about it as if it wasn't a big deal at all, and it wasn't...not to me. Right? Then why was I so at lost at what to say?

"I-I didn't mean to intrude-" 

"No, you didn't. I wasn't expecting anyone. My family doesn't come." I tell her offhandedly.

"Why don't they come?" She asked my hurriedly. I looked at her surprised once again. Why was she so interested in my life. Why did she seem to care?

"I didn't ask them too." I snapped. I immediately regretted it as I looked into her wide doe eyes. She seemed to be backtracking mentally and quickly looking for a way to get away from me. She didn't want to find out what a girl who went to level nine seclusion could do. 

"I'm sorry." I say quietly the words new to me. I'd never felt the need to say sorry. I had always just been mean. I'd always just been me.

"Don't be." She says back, her voice soft, comforting to my ears. She puts a hand on my arm and we stop walking. "I get it." She gives me a small smile and I get a weird warm feeling in my stomach, as if someone understands. For once someone hadn't asked for my sympathy and yet she was the only person who had received it. "I hope to see you at the Bakery today in town. They're having a special for Valentine's day, and I know everyone would want you to be there. You're not nearly as mean as everyone seems to think." She gives me another smile and continues on her way.


"You coming to the Bakery, right? Derek is coming." Cece sends me a knowing smirk. Derek? Oh right the boy she was supposedly setting me up with. Right.

"Oh yes, and then we're going to have passionate sex on your bed." I answered, my voice muffled from my covers. I wasn't feeling social interactions, my last one earlier this morning has set me back and I'd gone back to my room and slept for hours.

Cece throws a pillow at me. "Sad thing is, I wouldn't put it past you." She laughs. I'm suddenly thankful that she took it so well. 

"So get up, let's go. Look cute for once too." She told me and I knew she was probably rolling her eyes.


"You're such a walking cliché." Cece laughs looking at my red dress, no doubt referring to the dark black block letters on the front of my dress. FUN.

"Norah! Hey wait up! Hey Cece, I think Holden's waiting for you." Derek says catching up to us as we left the dorm. He slides in next to me while I watch Cece flounce away.

"You have to admit they're cute." 

"If you like psychos." I retort and a handsome smirk adorns his features. 

"This is why Holden tells me we're meant to be." Derek winks at me and I pursue my lips.

 I'm not really the romantic type and Derek Chambers isn't exactly the person I want to be holed up with on Valentine's day, no matter how handsome he is. We take a seat at one of the tables as we enter the bakery with Holden and Cece. 

There's another chime at the door and I glance up to see Lilliana enter with Rosie and...Harrison. He doesn't even look my way and I see a smile light up his face as Rosie says something that I assume is funny. Something inside me ticks, because Harrison is the fragile I corrupted with my blood, and I don't want him to return to golden boy, I don't want him to be good again if I can't be happy. 

"Harrison, hey!" Derek calls out and he turns to us, a ghost of a smile still on his face as his eyes reach mine. 


He's kissing me in the woods, and his whispers of love are injected into my skin but my body can't love him back. I stand motionless. He curses against my neck, stepping away from me. 

"C'mon Norah" Derek groans. 

"Earn it." I tell him looking at my nails. 

He laughs as he steps back. He wipes his lips with his sleeve. "Would you like me to take you on a real date? Or tell you my deepest darkest secrets?" He asks me, an eye brow raised. His sleeves are roles back and he's looking at me questioningly, but a smirk still is plastered on his face. And he looks so handsome and I want to reach out for him and bring him close. I want to feel his lips on mine again.

"Or maybe I should unveil yours? I heard about your incident. The blood, I would have loved to see it." His words creep up my spine. 

I wince because once again he sounds like someone I know. Someone I'll never get rid of. 

"I can help you, you know. I can help you feel better, let me." He says, but it contradicts all he's just said.

"What are you in here for?" 

"I'm like you, I'm not sane." He grins. I see thousands of him in my vision. 


I hear them from underneath my covers, they talk quietly on her bed and they notice as a I rise to leave. I make it out of the window safely but when my feet feel the cool earth I want to sit down, but I run instead. I'm running, far and farther. 

I reach the black gates that trap us in. They reach higher than I remember.

I'm not sane, I'm like you. It repeats again and again in my head. Again and again. It's just the truth, I'm not sane. I'm insane. I hear voices in my head. 

I crouch to the ground, but a dark shadow catches my sight. It hops over the gate to enter and I notice him immediately, because Harrison is hard to miss. 

He's next to me in seconds. "Norah? Are you crying?" But he knows better and my eyes are dry. 

"Where have you been?" I ask curiously, my recent fears gone. 

"I went to see my family. My sister's favorite day is valentine's day. I brought her flowers." He tells me with a genuine smile.

I feel a sharp pierce in my side. Not only did he get to see his family the other day, a family that clearly loves him, he also went to see them today, he had a family that loved him enough to stay close for a couple more days just to see him. "Your family is close by?"

"They live near here." He tells me. 

"How can you be so lucky?" I ask him rage flowing from me.

Harrison takes a step back. "What?"

"Your family loves you, they love you. How can you even be here. How is someone like you so lucky? You're not even a bad person, you were going to be the golden key before I happened, before I ruined you. Your family was going to get you back. You were going to be fine and with a loving family right by your side. While mine, mine doesn't even care. They won't even come to visit me. I've told them the dates, I've sent them letters and no one ever comes."

My words settle down around me. Harrison doesn't hug me and I'm glad. I'd probably bite him if he tried. 

The bell tower sounds at 3am and I realize it still hurts. 

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[I'm aware this is so long, but now that I'm finally done it really gets my story moving, because things are going to be revealed about Harrison, and also about Norah, and about her family and also get her to have more friends, maybe she's going to get a little better?? I really still like this RP, and I hope maybe we can keep it going??]
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