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`you`- the 1975 ♡

hey everyone,

♡ a weird green / grey / every colour under the sun set today, i think the outfit is rad but the rest of the set is kinda meh. 

♡ today i had a two hour english exam - the essays i had to write went quite well, i managed to convey my ideas during the time so i'm hoping i did enough to get some marks at least. i then had double welsh. we worked on the past tense and grammar with one teacher, whilst working on the theme of 'arwyr' which is heroes with the other. i then had lunch and study, which were spent in the common room where i was used as a foot rest, had my bag emptied across the floor, had my phone stolen by this guy who almost read all my text messages & he actually sent out a bunch of snapchats too, greattt. it also consisted of borderline offensive jokes, rain, teasing and how lonely we're all going to be on valentine's day.

♡ my penultimate mock exam tomorrow - and it's geography - which is one of my favourite subjects.i'm hoping it'll go well but i doubt it. then i have my welsh speaking exam next week where i have to learn 15 segments of writing :/ erk

- chlo ♡
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