a thousand trees || stereophonics

❀what is up.
i'm feeling this set ygm
bbys. this is my second favourite lyric to ''all in all you're just another brick in the wall'' which is featured.
I feel as tho the bands I like are coming out with worse albums now and changing themselves to fit in with the charts which is awful, eg. arctic monkeys and stereophonics.

so last week I got my mum to buy me a notebook, nothing fancy just a poundland one but I was inspired by the people of polyvore to start writing in one. i'm not the type of girl that can make everything pretty, like I can't draw and I don't have good handwriting but i'm trying to make it all cute & stuff with song lyrics, quotes, word definitions, lists and like a diary. lists are like the best things err aren't they? i write lists all the time, ye

the new year seven's in my tutor are so annoying. one of them is like a hardcore one direction fan and a little gobshite. uckfay.

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❀we're all part of the masterplan.
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