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[soundtrack: THE HANDSHAKE - MGMT.]
and question me ;) :

i really like this set :D
b-l-o-g time.


so today i had no school.
and i spent it in my pjs. 

it's a "teacher work day".
those poor, poor teachers.

my father's going to have surgery soon.

he'll be in miami for a week in the hospital. with my mom.

i think that's why my mother really let me go to a mgmt concert,
and miss two days of school, and go alone on a bus to orlando in order to do so.

to put my mind somewhere else.

my father has a tumor, you see.
it's getting smaller and smaller and they're going to remove it now.

he's napping next to me.

he'll be okay.

in other news, i'm waiting for my doc martens to come in the mail :3

how's your life?

i'm watching two and a half men.
so so funny. one of the only shows i can watch.

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