"But I need it, wouldn't have it any other way. Well there's no way out of this, so let's stay in. Every storm that comes, also comes to an end. Oh resistance, is useless; just two kids stupid and fearless. Like a bullet, shooting a lovesick. There's only one way down this road."

time bomb / all time low.

Evening, beautiful/handsome.
Sorry for earlier, I was having a really bad day.
But it's gotten much better, so no worries, yeah? :)
Have a good day? 
Just think, once tomorrow's over, Friday will be here in no time. That's what get's me through the week.
And your smiling face, that helps too. ♥
I just finished doing some extremely tough physics homework, and now I'm settled into bed with Marina & The Diamonds and you. 
I'm about to answer all of my messages, so look out, alright?
It seemed like you guys really liked my last poem; thank you so much! I think I express myself better with writing than spoken words.
Since that got such a good review, how's about another? Tell me what you think.

Lay me down
your sunkissed skin against mine
like milk and honey.
The most loving kisses
pressed to your moist pink lips
never ceasing, only becoming stronger, harder, more passionate.
Our heartbeats pulsate quickly
chests pressed together tightly, pounding
I feel your nerves vibrate through me,
making me want you even more.
I look at you, emerald fields meet seas of blue
my thumb lightly brushes your jawline,
as if pressing any harder would bruise yuo.
Love warms me
as your breath erases every ounce of doubt in my mind.
My lips form a kiss, grazing just below your ear,
your head on my shoulder,
curls tickling soft skin
and I loved you.
I had never loved you like this
but I could love you even more
give my being and let it mold into yours.
Your calloused fingertips roam and jagged nails dig
into my shoulder blades, turning flesh pink
as if latching on for dear life
with the fear that you'd drift away.
But I would never let go.

That was called 'Heartbeat'. Did you like it? I'm hoping so. :)

niall x

got your heart in my hands, like a time bomb ticking;
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