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I'm always surprised what people create on polyvore with the same item like I did.
So here is my choice of my favourites.
They are all so wonderful and the people had very different ideas than I, but I love exactly that <3
Polyvore is a place for your own creativity, discover it!


Wrote three years ago
love it <3 thanks for adding my set by the way :)

Wrote three years ago
Awww thank you for adding my set to this very beautiful collection of your's! :D You have great eye for picking wonderful sets and it's an honor to be a part of such a beautiful collection! THANK YOU THANK YOU :)

Wrote three years ago
Fab collection, thanks for adding my set:))

Wrote three years ago
@and-itsrachaelmichelle @iheartfashion97 @loolitaa @slowlycommittingsin @ladysu thank you darlings :) you're sets are so beautiful, too!

Wrote three years ago
Great collection! and thanks for adding my set :)

Wrote three years ago
thanks for adding my set to this fab collection! xxx

Wrote three years ago
Thank youuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!

Wrote three years ago
Fab collection! Thanks for adding my set too, your sets are amazing :)

Wrote three years ago
thanks for adding my set ;)

Wrote three years ago
@miss-raspberry-92 OH I see, sry, I just clicked on "sets with this item" and trusted polyvore and not my eyes :D anyway, nice set!

Wrote three years ago
I must say my dress is not the same as in other two sets... It's a lot alike but not the same.
Said that, does not mean I'm not happy that you added my set in this collection. It is amazing. ;)

Wrote three years ago
thanks for adding my set! xx
very lovely!


  • amityclaw
  • mercedesrenee
  • melisaaffandy
  • patpatkay
  • sherry7411
  • tainted-rain
  • bronzettebtz
  • mabelen
  • ladysu
  • olivia-kinsley
  • criminalreid
  • elberethgilthoniel
  • indie-nesya
  • worldstock
  • venia92
  • lavenue-shop
  • slowlycommittingsin
  • loolitaa
  • epik
  • naive11
  • diamond-shay
  • aria-313
  • catarina-cmt
  • lovemydog81
  • mzbossyfashions11
  • and-itsrachaelmichelle
  • belladonnachen
  • helena99
  • whitney-port
  • acutthroatfashion
  • book-and-music
  • vanny
  • juliett-in-love
  • browneyegurl
  • sarahvv
  • anntonella
  • quidiuris27
  • tojaula
  • najiwe
  • juliette-torres
  • hieuanh
  • hamaly
  • emavera
  • purplemood
  • cocula
  • teenage-icon
  • littlelaura
  • aniael
  • jnatasa
  • halgra43
  • armband
  • vikkishandon
  • violet-amethyst
  • mini-and-maxi
  • fenti
  • marinaaa13-xoxo
  • martinastella
  • expert
  • carlamar
  • skwarzii
  • latoyacl
  • yosilda
  • cuteipie
  • cafe-le-psyence
  • magictrickinwonderland
  • are-you-with-me
  • anthrofashionist
  • samah
  • fashionistai
  • stefanie-renoma
  • polyandrea
  • papee
  • maggielovelace
  • lilylo

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