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molly went up the stairs, putting on an outfit she planned over a week ago, an original outfit, everyone was into the sweater and shorts trend. she bought a light mossy colored green bag in bora bora. she gently tossed her hair around, toussling it softly so it looked like the natural beachy waves. she did her make up, gently applying a coat of mascara to her long lashes. she put on her swetaer and shorts, and began to tie her jeffrey campbells. she sent a text to elodie, lydia, candace, ophelia & finnick.

'meet at the spa in 30, i got discounts and freebies so you better come xx moll'

she hits the send button on her hello kitty samsung, one of the many phones she owned, she had it imported from germany. she tossed her hair one last time and went into the elevator and down 3 floors. she heads into the main kitchen, grabbing an apple as she twirls around and goes into the elevator into the underground garage, she spots her porsche cayenne and hops into it. she goes through her drive, the gates opening and heads off onto the road. she hums along to the radio and then after around 10 minutes of driving, she gets stuck in traffic and stares at it, horrified. she checks on her phone to see how long it would take to get out of the traffic.

half an hour.

she shrieks and turns her car around, trying to find off some other way to get to the spa faster.

she wishes she could get to the spa fast.
otherwise it's going to be embarrassing.

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i don't know if i'm allowed to make a set but i feel like we need to move from the cafe and do something else.

btw i'm going to be on the road tomorrow so i probs won't reply :(
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