Top three aside from the one I have auditioned for. 
1) Tate de brees (really like this one)
2) Kaeden Walter
3)Kennedy foran 

first off I am really sorry that this is such a pathetic story and set. I am trying my best because I just types this up on my iPhone and let me tell you- it's frigging hard to correct grammatical errors on an iPhone. Blah. But I really do hope that I get the part. :]
{ blaise baltussen }
age: 18
model: frida gustavsson
major: sociology
bio: determined to be a role model and set a good example for the other girls, blaise has an outgoing personality which she uses to demonstrate her religious belief. most of the girls will tolerate her because of her surprisingly sarcastic sense of humour.
reason for suspicion: blaise comes off as a religious fanatic at times, and the other girls are becoming afraid of her rants about how they're living their lives in sin.

"oh my fucking god, you will never believe what just happened." Sylvie said catching up with my long strides. "hello to you too" I smiled back as I looked through my bag for the scarf I had borrowed from her. "okay you remember that guy I was telling you about?" 
"which one? You've told me about at least 6 in the last week" 
"ugh. They were all so gorgeous." she rolled her eyes. "I couldn't help myself. Anyways, I am talking about the one with the nice hair. Hr was tall. Nice. Had a six o'clock shadow. " she moved her hands to her chin as if to there was a six o' clock. "it was like really hot. Ugh I want him." 
"oh sylvie," I sighed. " here your scarf" I untangleed her scarf from ny headphones. "so when are you meeting up with him?"
"hopefully tonight. And that is why I need your help." she squinted at me through the sunlight. "I need you to come with me to this party tonight. He's having this little get together with bunch of people and he invited me." 
"okay so he invited you. Go ahead. Go to the party." I opened the door to our dorm. A gush of cool air hit our faces. 
"yeah you see that's the problem. I don't want to go alone. What if I go there and there is no one to talk to. So please come with me." 
I raked my mind for an excuse. Parties usually involved all things that led to trouble. And nondoubt there will be all sort of non sense and sylvie would probably stay out late. "umm I am not-" 
"please just come. Please. Pretty please." she pleaded as I opened the door to my room and neatly put my stuff in the corner. "okay fine" I sighed. "but if things get wild I am coming home" 
"yay! Thanks babes your the best nonswear I'll find you a gorgeous boy at that party." 
"thanks that would be so nice of you. Because apparently I can't find a guy on my own." I joked. 
Syl ie laughed and left the room.
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