Posted 7 years ago by luxalexis
I have received so many messages about becoming a moderator I decieded to add some things:
What are the conditions?
- You should join polyvore for longer than a year
- A Dutch-speaking moderator would be such a delight, because than their would be no miss-understandings and stuff, but if you speak good, proper Englisch it's also okay. No MSN/Breezah/textmessaging/chatroom language!
- It takes time! moderating is not only fun. The down sides are getting loads of messages (spam!) and ding much time searching for sets that don't belong in our group for example.
- You have to take your responsibilities. I'm taking this picking out a moderator thing really serious and i hope you all do the same!
- It would be nice if you had kind of the same style or a style I like =)
What do you have to do?
- You will be making announcements (not stupid spamlike ones, but like this)
- You will be creating and judging contests, since I have so little time to handle everything.
- You will be removing sets that don't belong here once or twice a week.
you think you have what it takes? Send me a message with your motivations (please not just "i want to be a moderator", i delete messages like that immediatly) and maybe you will be the moderator of It's All in a Dress!

Posted 7 years ago by luxalexis
Looking for a helping hand! Has anybody interest in becoming a moderator? I don't have enough time and I don't want my group to be a mess any longer - like it is now. Send me a message!

Posted 7 years ago by luxalexis
second contest!

Posted 7 years ago by luxalexis
Winners known!

Posted 7 years ago by luxalexis
Check out the first contest and feel free to submit!