Honestly, I haven't been in any groups lately, but I really like Aleka. So consider this a possible audition. I honestly don't like this set that much, but oh well - I'm out of practice.

age; 18
god/goddess parent; Zeus 
likes; archery, metallics, ear cuffs
bio; It's dangerous business being a child of Zeus, and no one knows this better than Aleka. She was raised on an island not unlike Aeaea. Zeus hid her and her mother there for nearly eight years to protect them from his wrathful wife, all the while providing them with all they needed to live comfortably. Then, without any warning, Aleka's mother disappeared one day. Gone like vapour with no sign of a struggle. Zeus had the god Hermes deliver his daughter to Circe's island where she could live, and hopefully, be safe. For nine years, Aleka begged the gods through prayer to know what happened to her poor mother. Only recently have any of them seen fit to answer. Athena appeared to her in a vision last summer, telling her that Hera has her mother locked away somewhere in the Underworld. Over and over, Aleka has begged Circe for a quest to go rescue her mother. And over and over, Circe has said no. But this summer, Aleka is going to the Underworld to get her mother back, with or without Circe's approval. 
model; Laura Schuller
taken by;
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