Its an easy life

This contest has been specifically created to make your life easier. And so the contest is also easy. You have to submit sets that fulfil the following 2 criteria:
1. must contain a picture, be it of anything.
2. must contain some kind of writing/text, not necessarily a quote. Writings on bags or tees won't qualify, the text has to be seperate.

the uhmazing prizes
1st- a set by me, 8 favs and 6 comments by us
2nd- 1 set by me, 8 favs by us
3rd- 7 favs and 5 comments by us
4th- 7 favs by us
5th- 5 favs and 4 comments by us
6th- 5 favs by us
7th- 4 favs and 3 comments by us
8th- 4 favs by us
9th- 3 favs and 2 comments by us
10th, 11th and 12th-3 favs by us


Created by noblebeeyotch. Created in *Fair Contests*. 322 sets from 53 members. Ended 8 years ago.