Gemma Lyn Forbes, twenty one
Her father abandoned her at birth and her mother was too much of a drunk to care for her. Together with her younger brother, Jace, they were soon taken under the wing of their aunt who lived halfway around the world in London... And that's where Gem met Rhett, handsome, devious, thieving Rhett. Since then Gemma has been turned onto the business of burglary and has become quite the professional. She has the skills of a leader and an eye for money and the wealthy. Some of her best work is often mentioned in the worldwide news, and sends people into a whirl-wind of confusion. Gemma can steal the best, cover-up her handy-work the best... which makes her the best thief in the world. And with her band of gorgeous ladies, she's not afraid to take on London.
>her weakness: her family; the only person she was ever close with was her brother who she cares for the most. Being the older sibling she's always watching out for his safety... but when it comes to her parents, she also squirms in discomfort. Since the day she went to live with her aunt she hasn't heard a single word from either of her parents. her family is a delicate subject in gem's case
[Edita Vilkeviciute]
Livin' In the Moment

I said goodbye to Jace, toying with the diamond bracelet that now encircled my petite wrist. He was thoughtful like that; always grabbing me a little something extra when he - well, you know...

The sidewalks of London were moderately crowded, with the constant flow of pedestrians, but as I turned into one alleyway and ducked into a neighborhood culdesac, I soon found myself in the abandoned warehouse district. This was where the leaves were rustled by only the wind. No human steps had touched this area in who knows how long... well, besides the feet of the thieves.

I approached one particularly beat-up warehouse, glancing around my surroundings in caution. All clear.

Swiftly, the key from my purse slid into the security pad lock, unlocking it in one simple flick of the wrist. The heavy door echoed behind me as it drifted shut. It was dark inside, but this was nothing new. I simply continued down the long corridor coated with wispy spider webs and dust.

At the end of the corridor there lay a lone door, but the peculiar thing about this one is that there is no doorknob. Just a flat door. By habit though, I gently knocked my knuckles against the sweet spots in the wall, soon finding and uncovering the password code.

A few stroke of the keys.

Access Granted.

The door gave way easily to my touch, and the place lit up with the sound of my footsteps. Tossing my stuff upon the couch in the front room, I breathed in the vanilla aroma absorbing the sweet relief.


Home Sweet Home.

But now, it was time for business. Quickly I whipped out my iPhone tapping away at the screen. One mass text message later, and the girls would be here soon.


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