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Hyewon’s POV

“Aigoooo.” I creeped out from the corner in the hallway. “Look who it is.”
“Did you need something from me?” Jonghun smiled.
“No. I thought maybe you wanted something from me.” I replied.
“Why would you think that?”
“Oh you know. Since you poured your little heart out to me on White Day...”
I watched Jonghun laugh. Was I embarrassing him?
“Ahh. That’s what you meant.” Jonghun was still smiling like an idiot. “I’m glad you liked that cheap rose and old gum I found at the bottom of my backpack.”


I gave Jonghun a nasty glare before walking away. Every time I think he likes me it turns out to be some sort of joke!

“THE LISTS ARE UP! THE LISTS ARE UP!” Someone was screaming and running around the school like a chicken with it’s head cut off. “TEACHER KIM MI KYUNG’S OFFICE GUYSSSSS!”

Jonghun and I both glared at each other before racing each other to Kim Mi Kyung’s office. Luckily, I managed to outrun Jonghun and was slim enough to weasel my way through the crowd of students to read the lists myself.

“Let’s see Beauty and The Beast...” I mumbled while scrolling through the list. “Mwo ya? Jonghun and I are on in the same musical!? Aishh jinjja.....” I kicked the door in frustration.

“YA!” Someone (I’m assuming Teacher Kim) yelled from the other side.

“Which musical did I get?” Jonghun asked me as soon as I got out of the crowd.
“Go check for yourself.”
“I can’t wait that long for those people to get out of the way.”
“You got Beauty and The Beast, okay?! Geez.”
“Aigoo. Why are you being so cold? Did you not make it?” Jonghun chuckled.
“Of course I made it on the list! Just.... with you...” I gave him a sour face.
“Hahaha. I guess they wanted you to play The Beast!”
“YA DO YOU WANNA DIE?! I have no problem ripping your spine out!”
“Alright. Take it easy.” Jonghun patted my shoulder. “People are starting to stare.”
I rolled my eyes and bit my lip to avoid being embarrassed. This guy was going to pay.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

“I can’t believe we had to start working on these props the same day we knew we would even be apart of this musical.” Hyomin said while dipping her paintbrush into some paint.
“I know right?” I yawned. “I think I’m going to fall asleep on my painting of this stupid house.
“Go ahead and sleep if you’re feeling tired. I can finish this.”
“Really? Thank you unnie! You’re the best!” I hugged her and nearly stumbled to stand up. My legs hurt from sitting for so long.

While on my way to my dorm I heard a loud guitar sound from one of the rooms.
“Ya! You know what time it is?” I knocked on their door. “Go to sleep!”
The noise stopped thankfully. But I guess they were annoyed by my complaint because I heard the door opening.
“Oh. It’s just you.” The person said.
“Huh?” I turned around.
“I thought you were a teacher.” Jonghun said before going back inside the room. He then started to play even MORE obnoxiously.
“Ya!” I opened the door. “Just because I’m not a teacher doesn’t mean you should play louder!”
Jonghun just ignored me. Of course.
“Well if that’s how you want it..” I walked up to his amp and pulled the cord out.
“Mwo ya!?”
“Oh my God.” I said in english. “It’s 2am!”
“Aishhh. Fine.” Jonghun started to play again. This time without the stupid amp. “Better?” He asked.
“I guess.”

As I started to walk back out of the room. Jonghun started to sing.
“You really suck, I have no reason to see you. This world is filled with girls like you. You s-s-suck. Your flaws are countless to put up with it and loving you is a waste of time...~”

Omo. Was he really singing 2NE1’s Hate You? I turned around.

“I hate you. Ehhehhh-ehhhhehhhhhh-ehhhehhh. I’m fine living without you.~”

“YA!” I showed him my fist. It was ready to strike.
“What? You didn’t like my singing?” Jonghun said innocently.
“You’re singing is okay. Just don’t sing that song!”
“Fine. I’ll sing U-Kiss’s Shut Up.”
“NO! Not that either!”
“Well then what CAN I sing then???”
“Hmm. What about The Chaser? That’s a nice song.”
“Fine.” Jonghun rolled his eyes. “Then you better listen good.”
“Uh. Okay.” I grabbed a chair to get comfortable.

He played... so handsomely. It made me wonder why Enigma wasn’t insanely popular. Did they not want to go mainstream or something? Don’t they know they could be famous idols by now?? God Jonghun was hot.

“Yeobuseyooo?” Jonghun waved his hand in front of my face.
“Huh? Oh.” I snapped back into reality.
“How was it?”
“Really good.” I smiled and nodded my head.
“Jinjja? I didn’t think I held that note long enough. I should probably practice this song a bit more.” Jonghun kept strumming the same tune over and over. Normally I would find this annoying and yell at him to quit but I didn’t. It could either be because I didn’t have the energy to, or I just really liked to watch Jonghun concentrating like that. Oh no. I’m falling for him again.

Jonghun’s POV

“Ya.” I poked Hyewon’s face. “Why aren’t you waking up?”
“What? What time is it?” She mumbled.
“Uh.. I would rather not tell you..” I said while helping her up from the chair.
“Sure okay....” She mumbled again.
“Can you walk?”
“Uh-huh.” Hyewon pressed her body to the door and reached blindly for the handle.
“Aishhh.” I couldn’t believe I really had to do this... I grabbed Hyewon and put her on my back.

“Where’s your room?” I pulled out my phone to use as a light.
“Ahh. Too bright.” Hyewon pushed my arm away.
“Ya. Tell me where your room is!”
Hyewon held her arm out and I used that as a guide. I followed where she was pointing until we finally reached her dorm.
“Oh good. It’s unlocked.” Jonghun opened the door. “You’re lucky you have a nice roommate.”
Hyewon stayed silent. I assume she already fell back asleep.
After taking her shoes off, I laid her down on an empty bed and quietly left.
It’s been a long night.

Thanks for reading. And hey, this girl’s cover of 2NE1’s Hate You is pretty awesome:
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