November 5, 2011
The chilly autumn air of New York always reminded me how much I missed Kitty Hawk in the fall. Being a third year had definitely taken its toll on me and the majority of my relationships I’d maintained throughout the summer. I barely had time for calling my sisters and my dad and had resorted to sporadic texts throughout the week filling them in on my studies and social life.

“Copper, wait up!” I turn around and see Alex coming towards me barreling out of the building and running towards me. We were both bundled up. It was fucking freezing in New York. “Are we doing that thing with your parents tonight?” I ask, dreading the weekly family dinners I often partook in with Alex so he wouldn’t have to suffocate under the wrath of his mother alone. “You know it, Copps. It wouldn’t be Saturday night without it, would it?” He flashes me a smile and I laugh.

We walk in silence for the majority of our walk home. The move from Kitty Hawk to our new apartment we shared had been easy, given all the water that was under the bridge with Alex and I after this summer. I wish I could say the same for the rest of the men in my life. “Any word from Will?” Alex asks, like he does at least once a week. Ever since Will told me he was moving out of state to Michigan to be a liaison for his father’s company, which caused our breakup in the first place, I hadn’t heard from him aside from a tearful apology at my front doorstep the night I got home from Africa. I hadn’t been with anyone since. Not even Jake, the superhot lawyer from the TOMS trip. We had gone out for dinner, but decided on being friends because leading him on was the wrong thing to do when my heart belonged somewhere else.

I look at Alex and shake my head. “Noah told me he was coming into the city before Thanksgiving to do some work for Jack and that he’d be home for the holiday, but that’s all I know.” I had hoped that Will would send me an email or something before he came, but Noah told me he’d throw me a line when he was in town. 

“Guy’s running out of time,” Alex mutters as we reach the door of our apartment, greeted by Martin who was the sweetest man alive. “I’m making those muffins for you and your wife this weekend, Marty. Don’t you worry,” I say as he opens the door for us. “Sweet girl you are, Miss Copper,” A warm smile creeping onto his cold face.

Once upstairs, I threw my coat and shoes off, and hopped on the couch where I had open textbooks scattered all around. Alex’s half of the large sectional was covered in papers and sticky notes. Our place looked like a warzone, thanks to the fourteen midterms that had been studied for this term. “When is school going to be done?” I say, looking forward to going home and visiting with all of my friends that were going to be home for Thanksgiving. “Not soon enough,” A strange voice calls from the bedroom and I then see Sean Miller emerge from the hallway leading to the guest bedroom.

“SEAN!” I squeal as I jump up off the couch and run over to the resident bad boy of Kitty Hawk. “What are you doing here?!” I say, looking at Alex who was smirking. “Alex said you weren’t yourself lately, so I thought I’d come and kick some sense into you. You need to snap the fuckk out of it and that’s why we’re going out tonight. So kiss your studying goodbye because we’re drinking right now. Tequila. Kitchen. Go. We never got to end the summer properly, so we’re doing it in November,” Sean says, slapping my butt playfully and leading me into the kitchen. 

“This is exactly what I needed,” I say to Alex, giving him a kiss on the cheek. “You deserve more than moping around after some guy who chose his job over you,” Alex says, brushing the hair out of my face as we both picked up a shot of Patron. “To single Copper,” Sean says, proposing a toast. “To single Copper,” I say meekly, clinking the three shot glasses together, licking the salt, downing the shot and biting the lime. It burned my throat but reminded me of summer, and I didn’t want to forget what summer felt like ever again.

UGH. I had to write this. I miss writing for Copper and SSU so much that it’s insane and I’ve been joining other RPs like crazy, and I have yet to mesh well writing for another character the way I do with Copper. Call me crazy, but I need to write this. When is this/is it ever picking back up? =( I’m contemplating even putting Copper in More Than Words if it’s not coming back, if that’s okay with the mods. I will PM one of you eventually if I decide to do it.
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