[queue rant nobody will read, but just for clarification and info on lifffeeee~]

Hey guys, long time no see, right?!
The last 3 months (QUARTER OF A YEAR!) since I have posted a set has been hectic and so many things have happened.

I feel like such a stranger to polyvore now T____T and I've missed you guys, my poly-friends and poly-family terribly. I've missed the sense of community here and because I've been so incredibly inactive I feel like a wandering ghost here! haha

If I said before I was too busy to make sets and have time for polyvore BELIEVE ME when I say I have absolutely no time for these kind of things any more. It's difficult fitting a social life around the workload I get already let alone polyvore, my blog and other things.

I actually made a transition from High School to College (I think UK College is like US High School). The thing is, my high school was very laid back and had a reputation of having the 'rougher' kids and 'dumber' and 'bad' kids (It wasn’t all bad at all but I see where that reputation came from) and I actually got a place at this college with the reputation of having all the smart geniuses who are all well-behaved and basically little angelic Einsteins. & let me tell you... what a changgge. 

I absolutely hated it at first, but now I've gotten used to it. Everyone is so freaking smart and well-behaved. It's not as lively as before. Although I feel very privileged to be accepted here (note this place was opened by Royalty! and I've always imagined of coming here since I was very small) I feel like if I could start over, I would choose somewhere less academic, less strict, with a lesser work load. On the other hand, I know this place will push me to do well in my exams and I’ve not made friends, but I’ve met some very very nice people who make good close acquaintances. Also, this place is a lot more segregated than in other colleges where they have a lot more freedom and there isn’t too large a divide between ‘popular’ and ‘nerds’.

Alsooooo~ I WENT TO MY FIRST GIG! You can watch the videos of it on my YT channel but I won’t link it you as I know you guys won’t know who these artists are (I’ve not listened to K-pop in a while T~T). It was so much fun guys. ^^

So to sum up:
- I’ve missed you (still do)
- I’m being worked like a rat
- I won’t be on polyvore at all much in the next two years at this rate
- I hope you do not forget me
- Thanks for being such great poly-pals. I love you guys! <3
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Wrote 4 years ago
Awesome look and set!!!

Wrote 4 years ago
Fab style. Just in love with the shoes.

Wrote 4 years ago
Aww! I've missed you so much unnie! Its great seeing your lovely sets here.
And its sad about the collage thing. It would be more fun if there were naughty kids (LOL xD) I hope you'll get high marks.
How can I EVER forget one of my best poly-friends! Don't worry, I won't forget you, I'll wait for the time you can be more active!! Saranghaeyo, FIGHTING!!
And as long as you study hard, everything will be okay, and you know what will happen if you don't study hard!

Wrote 4 years ago
great set :)


That's So Chic, Darling!!!

That's So Chic, Darling!!!

Welcome!!!! This group is for all the fashion lovers. Submit all your set as many you like.
love, ohmylady

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