DISCLAIMER: I'm sooo sorry I havent been posting as much, my life is insanely hectic and stressful right now. Sorry I'm behind. I'm going to skip to Friday (last week's) I have no inspiration for the other days anyway. Hope this is all right but if not... oh well. Use your imagination to fill in the gaps I guess :)

Today was the day of the dance. Personally I hate ding to school functions, they just weren't my cup of tea. Blair went to the dance reluctantly, or so I think, so I was left to wander the campus by myself. 
I found myself in a massive hallway, as I started walking completely emerged in the wondrous architecture. "Zoe?" I heard a familiar voice call. Busted, oh great. I took a deep breath turning on my heel to face the mysterious caller.
"Hey, aren't you going to the dance?" Jason asked. Thank goodness it was a professor.
"Dances aren't really my thing", I smirked, "You?"
"Eh, I might. May I ask what you're doing then?"
"Just exploring. Would you like to join me?"
"I-I dont know-"
"Scared?" I interrupted him, "Or just a goody-two-shoes?" Jason didn't say a word, he just looked at the ground. Slowly, I took steps back still facing the boy. I threw my arms up "Fine by me, have fun at the dance. See you in class Mckinley". I turned away finished with this conversation. As I walked on he caught up to me and held my hand to stop me from getting any further. "Okay",he breathed "I'll go."
I smiled "Great." 
Jason and I walked down the long darken hallway. It seemed to stretch for mile and miles. As we continued on we would whisper occasionally but not as often as i would have liked. 
*Click Click Click* The sound of heels echoed on the flooring. We stopped in our tracks. "Jason, go." I whispered. He looked at me confused. "I don't want you getting in trouble. Now, go!" I whispered a bit louder. He turned away but stopped. "Seriously go!" I said louder than I anticipated. He hid in the shadows as the heels quickened. 
Officially Busted! Detention for a week. Joy...
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