sorry i haven't been on in a few days- i went on a field trip to Washington D.C. for a few days with my school. i had loads of fun with blythe, clara, and melissa (roommates and besties).

i was tagged by @maisonhayes in her lovely set:

1) Tag 20 people, including me.
2) Use an item in this set and an item from page 5 of your items
i used the top right picture from her set, and the left pictures are all from page 5.

i tag: @camiiiii @xmellbell @selena-marie-anoon @w0lf-teeth @wambliwakan @runs-with-scissors @being-the-way-you-are-is-enough @elle131 @c-h-e-r-ie @thesanja @the-running-verb @i-like-clothes121 @ivfly @zoeydiva @cindaaa @cantfooltheblues @beforeverjasmine @miissbonbon @tra-la-la-la @kayechristilmiguelle 

hope you guys try it ;)
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