The Doctor, Molly, and Cam wander along the bitter streets of London. Molly was in such a rush to go out to wish for her Doctor, and didn't expect to actually run around in the cold for so so long, she didn't even think to have a coat on her. Before she even realizes it, she's shivering. They stop at the corner of a street after running for at least a mile and a half and Molly wraps her arms around herself. Her teeth chatter as the wind blows on her bare legs. The Doctor spins around holding a beeping devise Molly recognizes as the Timey- Wimey Detector that dings when there's stuff. Molly tries her best to look the least cold as possible.

"Aw, Molly, you're absolutely freezing!" The Doctor cries.

"Don't worry, I'm fine. Let's keep going. We'll be in the TARDIS soon enough and then I'll be perfectly fine," Molly assures.

"Molly, you're extremely sick. You can't be nonchalantly running around in the cold like this. If you get sick it can quickly become fatal," Cam groans.

The Doctor doesn't even question Cam's comment. Instead, the Doctor takes off his own jacket and helps Molly put it on. He adjusts the front of it. "You're right. We will be there soon, but- if you need anything- I'll help you, sweetie. You got it?" The Doctor calmly whispers with a sweet smile.

Molly smirks. "Got it."

"Let's keep going! My TARDIS is close, I can feel it!" The Doctor cheers. The three of them continue down the street.

After running down and around at least another quarter mile of streets, Molly finally noticed the most beautiful thing she had ever seen tucked down the ally. The sign in the front was lit up with "POLICE BOX PUBLIC USE". She slowly walks toward it and touches its wooden blue exterior. She reads over the words on the sign on one of the doors that says, "Police Telephone. Free for Use of the Public. Advise & Assistance Obtainable Immediately. Officer & Car Respond to All Calls. Pull to Open". Molly lightly laughs to herself; half because she's finally seeing the box she's dreamt about for so long in person and half because the Doctor always pushes the doors open in every memory she has of him. Everything on the outside is how Molly remembers it. Well, technically, how her mum should remember it. The Doctor walks next to her as she stares up at it's beauty.

"She's so beautiful. I've been seeing visions of her since I was hardly five. I honestly never thought I would ever see her in person, but it's amazing to actually see her finally," Molly confesses. "Is she truly?... You know," Molly asks with a smile.

"Is she truly what?" The Doctor asks, pretending not to know what she's talking about.

Molly giggles. Cam turns to them. "Bigger on the inside?" She whispers.

"Would you like to find out?" The Doctor replies.

"Find out what? Molly, what did you ask him about the blue box?" Cam anxiously asks.

Molly's face lights up. "Yes! Yes! YES! Is that even a question?! I've only been dreaming of it my entire life. Why wouldn't I want to see the inside of this big beautiful box?" Molly laughs.

"What's so special about the inside of the box?" Cam asks.

"You'll see! Step back and close your eyes!" The Doctor excitedly commands. The Doctor snaps his fingers and the TARDIS doors fling open. The Doctor slowly leads the two forward. "Okay, watch your step here," The two step into the TARDIS. The Doctor runs around in front of them. "Now open your eyes!"

The two siblings open their eyes and look around in amazement. Molly's entire face lights up. She gasps and almost comes to tears in excitement. Cam looks around confused and speechless. "I'll be right back," Cam almost mutters. He runs outside the TARDIS then goes around it to see it's just the size of a typical police phone booth. Cam runs back inside. The Doctor smirks. "The- the- the box... it's bigger... on the inside. How does it do that?" Cam screeches.

The Doctor shrugs. "Time Lord magic?" He suggests. Molly's face continues to stay close to tears with no smiles on it. "Molly, what's wrong?" The Doctor asks.

Molly takes a deep breath. "All my life, people thought I was insane and I was a delusional teenage who dreamed of the star man and his big blue box. All those people swore to me that I would never find him and where am I now? I'm /in/ the blue box and talking to my long awaited star man. I feel like I've finally accomplished something finding you," Molly croaks through the tears rolling down her cheeks. "I'm sorry. I usually cry when I'm overjoyed," Molly apologizes wiping under her eyes.

"You do realize there are /dozens/ of rooms to explore in the TARDIS. Would you like to go wandering through them?" The Doctor offers.

Molly squeals. "Oh my goodness, yes! Is the pool still here? I'm going to look for it! Cam, do you want to come with me?" Molly giddily asks already making her way up the stairs.

Cam goes to respond, but the Doctor answers for him. "I'm going to show Cam a few things on how the TARDIS works. We'll catch up with you in a second!" The Doctor reassuringly lies.

"Okay, see you all soon!" Molly calls running down the hallway.

Molly's footsteps fade away. "What is it you actually want to talk about, Doctor?" Cam depressingly whispers.

"Molly. You said she's sick-- extremely sick, actually. What's wrong with her? She doesn't look sick. She laughs and runs around like a normal healthy girl. What's wrong with Molly?" The Doctor quickly runs off in full worry.

Cam sighs. "Molly has a massive tumor a quarter of the size of her brain. We believe it made her a super genius and, the therapists say, it's what gave her all her dreams about you. Then, about a month ago, she was diagnosed with a major heart problem. The doctors suspect her heart has been growing, but in such a way that it's one beat with a slight under beat as if it's growing asymmetrically," Cam croaks, fighting back tears. "If her heart keeps growing at this pace she has nine months at most to live at most."

"Does Molly know about this?" The Doctor asks with great misfortune looking at the ground.

"She may be a genius, know everything about the human anatomy, and know something extra is wrong with her, but she can't pinpoint what it is. My mom and I haven't told her anything," Cam explains.

"Cameron, I'm going to make sure your sister gets better in some way in some galaxy in some time. I can't let a girl like her go without a fight," The Doctor assures. "Molly!" The Doctor calls. Molly runs to the railing from some part of the TARDIS. "How would you like to go on a journey?"

Molly's face lights up as she runs down the stairs. "To where?"

"Well, that all depends. Where do you want to go?" The Doctor asks.

Molly smiles. "Times Square, August ninth, 1945. Also known as V- J Day. I want to see the most famous kiss in history being photographed," Molly requests.

The Doctor shrugs. "Times Square, it is!"

"What is it you always used to say? It was that French word," Molly asks herself hurrying to his side.

The Doctor smiles. "I know what you're asking, Molly. And it's, allons- y!" He cheers rocketing off into space.

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