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~The All-American Rejects, Sunshine {love them, I need to check out their new album! Anyone heard it yet, is it good?}

The lovelyyyyy dress and swimsuit in this set are from BQueen! They have amazing women's clothing and shoes, check out their site:

More gorgeous Mikel photos. She's one of my favorite models, no joke. I'm making a collection of her (, but also check out the tumblr I made for her:

THIS SET IS FOR DEAR @dorian-is-the-walrus because this is a HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY SET! <3

So Dory you're pretty really awesome. You're always so sweet and kind and make BAMLICIOUS sets with your BAMLICIOUS skills. I love PMing with you and I miss you because you've been gone! We used to be pretty awesome people I mean you always are but sometimes I just seem really dorky in comparison to you but actually we're both big awesome dorks so it's all good <3

I remember helping you come up with your username. Good times. Because you love The Beatles (who doesn't?) and yeah that was fun :)

I LOVE YOU DORY SO MUCH AND I'D WRITE LOTS AND LOTS ABOUT YOU BUT I DON'T WANT TO RAMBLE. So I just hope you enjoy this set and hope you had a great birthday and your adorable puppies are doing well and that you're doing well and come back soon! <33

xx Taylor
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