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what is this set! idk. i'm so sorry if the white items are off white on your computer/device. they're a nice clean white for me but i was on a different computer before and they were so off, ugh okay oh well

can you believe we're a week into the second month of 2016??? and that it's actually 2016? and that i'm 16? it still hasn't sunk in. can you believe i'm the same age as harry was here i like him more as a 16 y/o loool ((: it seems like he either really wants to grin all the time or cry all the time at this age

remember when my sets looked like this ahaha and they were pretty good, i miss them! i want to recreate that pink set so badly, maybe i will. i used to use so many pictures. i should do that again because i have so many pictures saved but i use (probably less than) 10% of them. looking at old sets is so fun tbh

looking at old comments, i used to have so many friends and it made me miss them lots. i'm happy for them though, i know many of them are happier away from polyvore (: i want to have more people to talk to though, so if you want to chat, definitely send me a pm! i realised it's a public holiday today so i'm not going for my driving thingy. but yeah, you guys should message me! and i want to send out messages to people i haven't talked to before as well :-) also, you don't have to ask how i am -- i'm good most of the time! we can talk about music or faves or polyvore or food.... anything you want to!

also... i'm thinking of doing a thing on @swimmingintheflood that features you guys. you know those sets that say "day with niall" etc etc? i'm going to do that, sort of, as in "hanging out with faith @f-4bulous" for example (ahah helloo faith). the sets will look like my normal style ( except there will be an outfit based on and for you to the left side of the picture. + the outfit for you will be based on the outfits in your sets

and, if i'm feeling creative, there will be a lil scenario thing in the description of the set too. that would probably be if i knew you a bit more though -- something a bit more personalized (so you can expect that if we're friends). but again, we can get to know eachother and become friends anyway if you shoot me a pm

anyway, IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO PERHAPS HAVE A SET MADE FOR YOU, INCLUDE OUR (FRIEND)SHIP NAME IN YOUR COMMENT. ei. macey + jemma = jacey. idk how many people would want to, i might not be able to do /everyone/ and it won't be in any particular order, but i'll try :-)

well this is getting really long lol so i'm going to watch me some caspar lee BYE

comment someone famous you'd love to be friends with if you read all of this

- jemma

8.2.16 @polyvore @polyvore-editorial
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