Ahhh Song Lee and Yong Ha are...ADORABLE. My favorite ulzzang couple ever! They were so cute on Ulzzang TV!

Lalaaah I bought my birthday present yesterday.

Yes, I bought my own birthday present lolol.

So I was just at the mall, chilling because my mom needed me to buy her socks and she didn't wanna get out of the car.

But obviously I'd go check out the bags first because that's important too.

And then I find this INCREDIBLE adorable perfect crossbody (except I won't use it as a crossbody, I hate crossbodies lol) purse that has like, newspaper print or whatever and it's on sale and I'm like FWAOEFAEWOIFAW I NEED TO GET THIS.

And then I see another bag, and it's like a Vera Bradley satchel. And I usually dislike Vera Bradley but it was in the form of a freaking satchel, and I love satchels. 

So I'm like, "mom. you need to get out of the car because I'm having a dilemma."

and she's like, "I'm sleeping. stop calling me."

So I just bought both (plus her socks) and then left, figuring I could let my mom choose and return the other one.

But she didn't like the satchel (or the socks) so she went to go return them.

And then I was left with my beautiful bag.

And when we got home, I was like "this is my birthday present. you should pay me back my money."

So TECHNICALLY she paid for the bag, and it's my birthday present. lolol.

My birthday's going to be MANGO-FREE this year, if any of you remember my...uh...unfortunate experience last year.

I know I remember.

*BYG's I remember playing in the background even though it totally does not fit my story*
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