This set! This annoying frustrating set, did this... So typical. (See following original rant)> If this set was an ex it'd be the one that you really loved but hurt you so know the one you see and you think "I really want to punch you right in between the eyes" but them you remember all the little things you loved about him...then you remember all the things you hate about him and want to punch him again! That's this set! I love the pieces but just couldn't get it to work the way I thought it should. Eeeeer!
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Wrote three years ago
Congrats!!!Great Set!

Wrote three years ago

Wrote three years ago
Congrats on top sets, dear!

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Style & Luxury!!!

Style & Luxury!!!

Welcome Everyone,
THIS GROUP IS FOR FASHION SETS ONLY!!! NO ART PLEASE!!! I am the moderator of this group since June of 2010. To all of you members thank you for joining and welcome new members!!! I usually have contests once a week so if you haven't yet please join us:)!!! Here you can express your sense of style by creating fashion sets and submitting it to contests when there is one. I am always looking forward to having fun with everyone here :)! Remember, NO ART sets Please!!! Thanks.

Diamonds & Pearls

Diamonds & Pearls

Welcome jewelry addicts!! I'm @mrsalwaysforever and I won? inherited? this group from the fabulous @manicurelover . I, like she, am obsessed with all things given in tiny boxes. If you are too then this is the place for you!! *Our only respectful, be original and be accessorized!* Now let me see those well adorned sets!

Live in style

Live in style

If you have your OWN STYLE, if you enjoy creating fashion sets, if you like contests then this group is for you. WELCOME TO NEW GROUP AND NEW CHALLENGES!!! WE ARE RUNNING 1 ENTRY CONTESTS, means that your set will be always considered and you will always know if you get a trophie!!!
IMPORTANT!!! If you want to win, submit only sets STYLED by YOU!!! Not by a blogger, not by a celebrity or a street model, I would be very happy to see your OWN STYLE!!!!!!!
Group diary:
1 YEAR!!!!/17 March 2012/880 members, 46 contests completed, ALL with TROPHIES!!! Happy Birthday to LIVEINSTYLE!!!!
2 months/17 May 2011/ 280 members. Running 7th contest, 6 completed contests with trophies. Thanks all the members for submitting sets to our contests!!!!
1 month/ 17 April 2011/ 191 members. Have completed 4 contests, all with trophies.
Day 24/ 9 April 2011/ 159 members. Third contest is concluded. Statrted the Asymmetric dress contest.
Day 17/ 2 April 2011/ 121 members. Announced the winners of the second contest. We are celebrating Spring!!!! The third contest Spring/Summer 2011 has started.
Day 10/ 26 March 2011/ 101 members. First contest is over. First winners got trophies. Started the second introduction contest 'My own style'.
Day 3/ 19 March 2011/ 71 members. Started the first contest 'My first 3 sets' to share our first experience on Polyvore.
Day 1 17 March 2011 Group 'Live in style' is created.

Fashion Therapy

Fashion Therapy

For all of you who use this for fun, fantasy, an escape or a place to fulfill your fashion dreams. This is a place to create, share and be inspired. And maybe even win some trophies! I only have three rules: be original, be respectful and have fun! Now come on let's get this therapy section started.

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