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Katrina George
age: sixteen
style: Colorful and fun. A big fan of effortless chic. Loves anything that shows off her legs. Can always be found in a bikini.
icon: Blake Lively
history: Life, much like high school, is full of two kinds of people: the takers and the givers. The takers are the ones who get what they want, regardless of who/what stands in their way; The type of person who will fight, lie, cheat, and steal to ensure that their needs are satisfied. They are selfish, manipulative and charismatic enough to somehow make people do things for them. On the other hand, the givers are the good, kind people. The ones who care about others more than they care about themselves. The ones who try to help as much as possible, while still maintaining a sense of self. They are the type of people everyone wants in their lives. Katrina is not one of these people. Katrina is a selfish brat who looks out for herself and only herself. Despite all of this, she is still very likeable, which can be shown by her array of various friends and boyfriends. Her home life is kept rather hush, hush and no one is brave enough to ask in fear of the wrath that Kat will bear upon them. Instead, everything in Kat’s life is kept a secret. She keeps everything close to her, and pushes people far away from her. As you can imagine, this makes it very hard to date her. However that doesn’t faze her. When things go sour in a relationship, she just quickly moves on without a thought. That’s just how she is. She doesn’t care, perhaps she never will. But now that Kat has set her sights on the new boy, who is possibly even more mysterious than her, one wonders if she will remain the cold-hearted b-tch that she is or will she finally open up and grow a soul? 
Model: Kenza Zouiten

additional questions - out of character
one. why do you want to join asoc? 
Because it’s your roleplay, and I don’t think I got much choice in the matter. JUST KIDDING. I love the idea of a summer only roleplay. It saves everyone the awkward part where the rp just starts dying.

two. what character did you choose?
I chose: one. "the manipulator who needs others to make her feel better about herself"

three. why did you choose the character you did?
I like her. She is different than my usual character, but not too different from me. I can see myself writing for her pretty easily. 

four. when are your busiest days of the week? 
It depends. Some days I don’t have anything to do, others are incredibly busy. There’s no specific “bad day” for me. Weekends in the summer are kinda iffy though. 

“Shouldn’t you be in school?” My aunt asked as I dug myself deeper into my covers. 
She yanked the covers off, “Are you sure?”
“I finished all of the finals that I planned on taking. So there’s really no reason for me to be there.” I harshly yanked the covers back over my frozen body. That was the only good thing about this pathetic excuse for a house, the strong central air conditioner. 
“What do you mean, ‘the finals that I planned on taking’?” She asked raising her voice.
“I decided that my grades were good enough in a few classes, so I need not take the final. Now can you go away? I’m trying to sleep.” I sighed deeply and attempted to return to my slumber. 
“Get up, you’re going to school.” Again, Aunt Stella pulled off my covers. 
“No I’m really not.” 
“Yes. You are. I don’t care if I have to pull you out of this bed by your hair. You’re going to school, and you’re going to take those tests.” 
I laughed loudly at the thought. Once I had made my mind up, the matter was over. I was not going to school and there was nothing that she could do about it. I sat up and stared into her eyes as if to reason with her, “Look, we both know full and well that even if you make me get up, and even if you somehow manage to get me to leave the house, there is no way in hell that you can make me go take those tests.” Reaching the end of my protest, I laid back down. “So how about you go make me some pancakes and wake me when they are finished? Thanks so much. Bye now.” I waved my arm in a “Shoo-shoo” manner.
As she walked away she yelled back, “Fine. Fail all you want; I don’t care.” 
Again, I laughed. Fail? Ha! I’ve never failed a course in my life, and I was never going to. Between my father’s willingness to pay for new libraries and fields and my “clever way with words,” there is not a single teacher in this world who is stupid enough to fail me. 
So, from here on in, I have officially declared myself on summer break. I sighed as I flung my arms into a wide stretch, when suddenly the sweet smell of pancakes wafted into my room, “Ah, how nice it is to be in control.”
It’s going to be a good summer.

Crappy story, but I just needed something. Idk if Farah's going to accept it b/c I didn't enter it in on time. Hopefully she will.
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