It is! I saw swarms today and yesterday. Lovely, beautiful little aliens. Love 'em love 'em.

You have no idea how stoked I am to write for Eloise. She's like me when I'm all wiggily wacked on caffine or other such natural inhibitors in the brain, or like me when I don't feel all angsty and wallowing a pit of self loathing for my potentially large ego. How fun!
-Eloise's Progress Journal; Days 1 and 2-

“Eloise will speak in third person now. Eloise thinks she's funny. Haha, laugh with Eloise.

Eloise is totally down in the pits and thinks being institutionalized is the biggest bore since sunday school. The other kids don't like Eloise, but she knows that they're just totally wiggity wack and have issues worse than hers, and damn if they don't need the meds more than Eloise does. Here, have Eloise's meds. She doesn't want you to blow out your brains on her guilty conscious. Some girl came up to Eloise in the rec hall and was all “Yo, b*tch, that be ma seat, bitchface, and y'all be up in it.' and Eloise was all “Oh, really, how /passe/.” And then bitchface huffed off and who cares because she's in here for anerexia, as Eloise found out later, and it's really easy to make anerexics leave you alone. Such fragile minds...

And then that night Eloise's room mate woke her up and said something about all the cool kids doing it, so Eloise slipped on the lace bodysuit she totally stole from Sloane, and Miss Roomatey just shook her head as Ellie strutted around the dorm room with her nippley bits all showing, singing Cherry Pie really loudly, but then Roomate shushed her because, that's right, they were institutionalized and coundn't going around singing bad stripper songs because that would be BAD and would probably call for solitary confinement or whatever other torture. So Ellie stopped, but noticed her little bits were kinda purple and blue, so she put on some real clothes and then snuck out with Roommatey.

But is was like more freezing than freezing outside and Eloise was so not amused by this tomfoolery! But all the cool kids /were/ doing it, because Roommatey took Ellie to the fountain and a bunch of the crazy girlies were around, sliding off their clothes and wading in. Luckily hobitchface wasn't there, so Eloise, who had just become slightly body conscious because she just remembered that her undies were completely see through, thought that maybe she could get used to this. But they coaxed them off her anyway, and they seemed only slightly bothered by partial nudity, so Eloise stopped caring and dived in with the rest of them, allthough Sloane was a little miffed at Eloise's unapologetic knicking of her knickers.

“I AM QUEEN OF THE FOUNTAIN,” Eloise declared. And she didn't even care that no one was listening. Well, a little. A tad, maybe.

Then it was tuesday which is mail day. Eloise only got one letter, because Eloise's parents think's their only child is a serial killer in training or something, and the letter was from the prison were her former penpal who gave Eloise her babies, the scorpions, used to be locked in for attempting to kill some foreign minister and his family, who then stalked Eloise, and the letter said he was dead. Eloise was briefly upset. For like a fleeting second.

Eloise is so having tacos for dinner.

That was the most fun I've had writing a role play in like nine million years. [Type 'Tomfoolery!' if you read that madness.] Strangely good mood it put me in. Hmm.
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