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Survivor - Eye of the Tiger

i thought the song was fitting for this outfit.. :3

uughh. i'm soo tired.

there's this fair in my town for 3 days, and i went with my 2 best friends. it was soo fun! 

well, except for the fact that all the creeps come out after dark. we stayed until like, 10:30, and then we left because we were scared. all the people were so creepy! -_-

but i am sooo tired. we walked probably 2 miles just back and forth around town. and the fact that we ate 25 dollars worth of carnival food didn't really help. :b

i don't even care. it was fuuuun! c:

anyways, i absolutely L O V E this outfit! i would soooo wear it! :3

p.s. technically, it's my birthday. c;
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