Coffee&Cakes (summer edition)

Eun’s POV

“Eunnie sweety...” Mom came into my room to annoy me. I kept my eyes on my computer hoping she would magically go away.
“Ya. I know you can hear me.” She poked my head.
“Why don’t you go outside and play like normal kids do?”
“I’m fine right here.”
“We’re near the beach! You should be out in your bathing suit trying to pick up boys!”
“EOMMA!” I gave her a strange look.
“What? Did I say something wrong?”
“Ah. Forget it! I’m leaving!” I hurriedly slipped on a pair of shoes, grabbed my wallet and escaped out the door with my laptop.
In all honesty, I wasn’t going to stay in my room forever. I just didn’t feel like exploring today. Although I’m glad I left since I got to get away from my parents.

Narrator’s POV

“OPPA!” The Camp Girls motioned Woohyun to come over to them.
“Do you wanna play volleyball until Simon oppa gets here?”
“With... all of you?” Woohyun said with a bright smile.
“Mhmm.” They all nodded their heads.
“Okay.” Woohyun became excited. “I want to oldest ones on my team though. Anyone 19?”
“I’m the oldest, I can be on your team.” One girl waved her hand. Although Woohyun suddenly put his hand up in front of her face, gesturing her to be quiet.

The girls noticed Woohyun was caught in a trance- staring at some other girl carrying a laptop, curiously walking inside Paradise Cafe. It was obvious to him the girl was Eun. He was 100% sure of it.

“Rude!” The oldest girl shouted at him. Another girl threw a volleyball at him.
“Who cares anymore, Oppa’s here!” Another sounded before the rest of the girls fled like a flock of seagulls.

Woohyun rubbed his chest where he got hit. Although the pain didn’t even matter now. He got to see Eun again! He ran as fast as he could inside the cafe to see her.

Eun’s POV

“Uh.. You guys have wifi here, right?” I asked an employee with his back turned.
“Huh?” He replied before turning around. That’s when I recognized him...
“Omo.” I gasped. How was I supposed to know Sunggyu worked here? If I would have known I would have gone somewhere else! 
“W-w-ifi?” I asked again. Maybe he didn’t recognize me from the day before.
“Yes, we have wifi. I hope you came here to buy something too.” He said.
“Uh. Yeah.. give me an iced coffee or something.” I was still concerned as to why Sunggyu kept treating me like a stranger. I mean, I KNOW he knows me! Or does he really not remember?
“Don’t worry.” He said taking my change. “I’m not here to bother you today. I’ve got to work. Especially with this guy around..” Sunggyu used his head to point to the guy leaning on the back of his chair. It looked as if he was taking a nap.
“Don’t even bother trying to order from Himchan.” Sunggyu said softly.
“Oh I see.” I nodded and thanked him for the drink.

And just as I was able to finally sit down someone obnoxiously stormed into the cafe shouting my name.

“EUN. OH MY EUN!” Woohyun ran right up to my table and grabbed my hands to pull me up from my chair.
I stood frozen in shock. This guy was just as embarrassing as my parents!
“It’s fate isn’t it?” He was smiling like an idiot.
“What??!” I felt my face getting hotter.
“Ya ya ya!” Sunggyu pulled Woohyun away from me.
“What?? What did I do??” Woohyun looked bewildered.
“You’re scaring my customer!”
“Am I scaring you Eun? Is my face that scary?” Woohyun puffed out his cheeks, showing me some weird aegyo.
“No.” I laughed.
“Well it looks like there’s no problem then.” Woohyun took my hand again. “Should I make you a cake? It’ll be for free!”
“Ya. You don’t even work here!” Sunggyu pulled Woohyun apart from me again. “Just go to the shore and swim or something. Eun is staying here.”
“Swimming! Eun! You want to swim?”
“Uh...not really.” I couldn’t bear telling him I didn’t even know how to.
“Alright then! Eun will stay and you can leave.” Sunggyu took my hand and guided me back to my table.
“But.. Hyung...” Woohyun took Sunggyu’s hands and started to sway them around. “Don’t you want to hang out with me, Eun??” Woohyun broke out with his aegyo again.
I covered my smiling face. This guy was driving me crazy!
“Eun...” Woohyun called my name again. “Buing buing...”

“Buing buing Eun! Buing Buing~!”


“Aishh.” I stood up and held my arm out for him to have. I couldn’t take anymore of his cuteness!
“That’s it? You’re going to forfeit like that??” Sunggyu managed to catch his breath from laughing at Woohyun. “If you wanted aegyo. I can do aegyo.”

Just as Sunggyu began forming a heart out of his hands, Woohyun started to yell.
“Mwo?!?” A female’s voice shouted from the back.

Watching Sunggyu’s spooked expression was priceless.
“Hurry, while he’s frozen!” Woohyun grabbed my hand and pulled me out the door.
“Aishh jinjja! I’m drinking your iced coffee!” Sunggyu yelled. Before the door closed I turned around to get a last look at Sunggyu. And sure enough, he was sitting at my table drinking MY coffee! Oh well..

I noticed Woohyun was still holding my hand until we sat down at a bench nearby.
“Ahh, if only I had time to get us drinks.” Woohyun snapped his fingers. “At least we got a good view of the ocean.”

He was right, the ocean did look beautiful. It was nice just sitting here, chatting, and listening to the waves crashing along shore. The only thing that bothered me was how sudden we left poor Sunggyu alone like that..

“Do you think Sunggyu will be mad at you?” I ended up asking him.
“Nah, we’re always like this.” Woohyun smiled. “We’ve been friends for a long time. A Kim Sunggyu without me is like a chopstick without a spoon!”
“Haha, I get it.” I nodded. It must be nice getting to hang out with someone by the ocean all the time like this. Even if I don’t particularly like beaches...

About an hour and a half later, Woohyun brought me back to the cafe so I could grab my things. He offered to walk me home but I refused. I knew if I went back by myself my stomach would stop feeling so fluttery. Yes, I have to admit I had butterflies while hanging out with Woohyun. I’m sure it didn’t mean anything though. How could I like someone that quick anyway?
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Wrote 4 years ago
Omo! I love your Woohyun! (So greasy and cute...while I made mine a bit cranky lol)
*buing buing*
Poor hamster gyu left by himself though, Eun, go back and make him happy!
(leave woohyun for all us crazy readers here who love him)

Wrote 4 years ago
So. Cute.
Woohyun is such a lovable scamp. lol

Wrote 4 years ago
cute story!! Ahh, Woohyun, who could resist him?^^

Wrote 4 years ago
Woohyun is soooo adorable ^^ *buing buing*
cute story ^^ can't wait to read more!



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