Here is a game, that @dreamfantasyfashion made
There will be 10 questions in all, and 5 will be lies 5 will truths
Here we go
1. I was m/o/l/e/s/t/e/d once in my lifetime
2. I have had a boyfriend
3. I'm currently in love
4. My favorite era is the 40's
5. Nobody ever thought I would like The Avengers
6. I never thought I would like The Walking Dead
7. I have never tried shrimp
8. I have never had counseling
9. I'm Lutheran
10. I've never owned mice


Bonus Points
A. What was the LAST hand drawn Disney Movie ever made?
B. Who is Irena Sendlar?
C. What movie did Simple Minds, a British band, debuted into America
D. J. R. R Tolkien made a language out of what languages?
E. Who was our first vice president?
And last, but not least, F. What 12 steps do stories have to take in order to be a true adventure/hero story according to John Campbell? 

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