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haunted / taylor swift

holy crap. i need to explain a lot. so much happened to me today omg.

okay so.. you all probably won't care but i need to share it with someone. prepare for a long long story. hahahahah yeap.

last week, i was given an assignment in language arts. two people from each class period were chosen, the two best writers, and they were partnered together to create an expository essay based off of a famous criminal.

i was partnered with a girl named reagan (exorcist?? haha no ainsley). so we chose osama bin laden because he was just horrible. the other people in the classes would be doing the assignment as well, but they would be doing it individually and we learned about it sooner. the others also had to pick from a list, and we were free to choose whoever we wanted.

so we started to create our piece. i typed because i am super fast. i thought we were going to do all the information together, but the next day she came back with a huge list of notes that she gathered from her house.

i asked her if they were her own words, that she didn't copy. she said that she didn't copy a thing.

so i started to type and create our writing essay. using the notes given, our piece was very long and complicated. i figured since it was her own words, it wouldn't be considered too skilled for a sixth grader.

today, reagan & i had to share our finished piece with two entire classes. that's like 40 people. a lot for me.

reagan's teacher (not my own) explained what we needed to change and stuff, which wasn't that bad, but then she accused us of copying because of how professional it sounded. we were both in denial.

she said that we couldn't just copy & paste things from other websites onto our paper. i was so angry and sad and frustrated. ahhhh. my friend leena gave me a hug afterwards. ):

so then i got home and told my mom what happened, and we decided to see if reagan's notes were actually copied.

guess what?
we looked them up.


i don't know what to do now.
my mom told my teacher what happened, and he said to rephrase in the best i could. i hope reagan gets an F! she deserves it!

also he said i was the best writer and the 6th grade. ahahhahahahahahahahahahahhhahahahahahahahahahahahhahah WOOP

i just love to brag don't i

i've got mixed feelings about this whole thing.

 if you read this you are really cool. (:
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