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#Obsessed with garage bands ! I think they deserve more fame, but if they become famous, then they won't be special and unique anymore, so ... :( They're 80's punk/pop based music, It's like a hard core Sky Ferreira meets Tommy february6 ? idk...Kpop is perfect <3

# I'm going to Korea in late November!! soooo excited!! 

# Some updates on my eating disorder {which nobody will read}.
As I mentioned before, I gained some weight, hardly any, and then some family issues returned to haunt me, and I lost 10 pounds. I've become a stick figure all over again. ERGHH..I'm so ready to give up. I can't do this anymore. Why!!!!! ughh!! I wish there was some time machine to take me back to 13 year old moi, and tell myself to eat, or I'll just feel disgusted with myself in the future, aka, now :( I've been drinking alot of coffee and tea...along with my father's madeleines and mother's macaroons :p I've been losng my apetite, as usual -.- 

# i'm so sleepy , too much paperwork from school and venice :c yawwnnnnn
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