▷ Princess Doran 

age; 17 

house; Greater House of Zeus 

bio; A fool of a princess, the common folk call her Doran the Dumb. She has no viable talents and all she can muster is a slight prowess in singing. Nothing to rule a kingdom on. Instead of learning her duties as a princess she chooses to wander the city surrounded by her guards. While she is dumb and naive she also is cruel. She is too stupid to play a game of wit so instead she will put her guards on anyone that defies her. She had her hand maiden killed when she was only 12 after she brought her the wrong dress. Doran is engaged to Lord Angor of House Poseidon. A prospect that sickens her. But with the coming war, he might be her only ally left. 

collection; http://www.polyvore.com/would_you_leave_me_told/collection?id=2426126
model; Karlie Kloss 
taken by; OPEN

top 3:
1/. Princess Doran
2/. Lady Cassiopeia
3/.Lady Delphine Bane 


"I asked for roses." My voice trembles, my hands shaking with the vase of white daisies. 

Small veins run along my fingers, standing out against my pale skin. Petals fall slowly, as I crush the flowers with the force in my hands.

the nameless maid cowers before my, dropping to her knees in fear.

"I am so sorry Princess, it won't happen again. I swear, I'll go replace them." She weeps, talking to my feet rather then meeting the wrath of my face. 

I close my eyes, breathing out of my nose slowly. Calm, I must be calm. It is only flowers Doran, Mother would tell me. Oh my mother, a wise and intelligent queen. I have to follow her actions more.

But my flowers, my beautiful flowers.

Are just ugly daises now.


That will not do.




The maid must pay.

She messed up my flowers.


"TO THE DEATH WITH HER.." I scream, my voice enough to make blood boil. I continue to scream, an ear-splitting scream. A scream one would have if they were in great fear - looking apoun death. I throw the vase across the room, advancing towards the maid with my hands curled like claws.

With a shriek, the maid tries to crawl away from me. There was no time for her to stand up and run. It would be useless anyway, the guards were here now. And they were going to watch her die.

"DO. NOT. MESS. UP. MY. FLOWERS." I howl, grabbing the maid by her foot and dragging her towards me. She claws the floor, a table, trying desperately to hold on to something to save her life. 

But the maid's salvation was long gone when she became under my command.

"Please." The maid covers her face with her hands feebly, as if it would shield her from me.

HA. Nothing can stop me.

I pick up a pearl necklace laying on my wooden beside table. My mother gave it to me as a little girl, to use for playing dress up. I kept it beyond those days of simple innocence to remind me of older time.

The maids coughs and sputters on the floor, as I turn to face her. Her dirty blond hair is as run down and ragged as her dress. A disgusting creature. Who.Messed.Up.My.Flowers.

Grabbing her violently, I pull it around her neck. I giggle violently, pulling it tighter and tighter as the maid gasps for breathe. She tries to fight, oh she does, but she's already losing. Her strength is failing as her body does. The maid finally gives in, and stops moving. 

Her eyes stay open, resembling that of a deer in fear.

"Why did you have to mess up my flowers lovely?" I whisper in her ear, my long brown hair tickling the sides of her face. Dropping the body, I stand to my feet. My balance is off, as I sway from side to side. I grab a table for supporting, and looking up meet the gaze of a mirror.

My eyes are wild, my hair is tangled and messy. A section of my dress is ripped, and claw marks burn red on my neck.

I look simply mad.

Yet I am not mad, for I am Princess Doran. I am a delicate flowers to be admired for my beauty, and to be married to the highest bidder.

I simply cannot be mad.
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