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JAN. 13th
Students shuffled into the grand Metropolitan Museum. Everyone’s footsteps echoed throughout the relatively calm museum. Wow, I was in awe at the tremendously breathtaking art that surrounded me. 
“Hey, Nikki, wanna walk around with me?” Mariah asked me.
“Oh um, sure that sounds nice,” I said.
All of the students dispersed into different directions. Mariah and I went by the sculptures, first. You were allowed to take photos so we both brought our cameras to photograph it all. 
“Hey, Nikki, look!” Mariah shouted a little too loud in the spacious room. 
“What??!” I whispered as I turned around to see her posing next to a sculpture of a naked man. She was pointing to his d!ck while pretending to be serious. 
“Ugh Mariah?!?” I said in between my laughs. 
“Hah take a picture quick, before I erupt in laughter,” she said to me.
“Ok, ok,” I said grabbing my camera out of my bag. 
I snapped a picture right before she burst into laughter. 
A burly security guard approached us, “Um, ladies we prefer you don’t goof off in the museum. If you could just settle down that’d be great,” he said. 
I blushed feeling like a child being reprimanded while Mariah giggled, “Ok, sir, we’ll stop sorry for disrupting the peace,” she said while laughing. 
He gave us a stern look before turning back around and going back to his post. I slapped Mariah’s arm.
“Ow, that hurt, Nikki. Say sorry,” she said in a high-pitched girl voice. 
“Oh shut up,” I said while rolling me eyes-but laughed at her anyway, “We could’ve been thrown out,” 
“No, no impossible! Don’t over-react,” she said seeming to convince herself but not me.
And then, when we went through the rest of the Met, we disrupt trouble wherever we went…no I’m just kidding it was mainly Mariah. 
JAN. 14th
I glanced down at the list of supplies our professor said we needed as the wind whipped my hair all around. 
“Ok, so I know a place downtown…not quite sure the name,” Mariah said to me. 
We were going supply shopping since we were in most of the same classes and needed the same stuff. 
“And hopefully I don’t get us lost…that’d taint my New Yorker reputation. And, then you’d think ‘this girl is crazy and doesn’t know her way around!’” she said mimicking my voice.
I laughed, “I won’t think of you that way,” I said being honest, “You seem to know your way around anyway…better than me at least,”
We wandered around in the cold scanning the streets for the design store Mariah knows. 
“Maybe its de-fuucked…” she said.
My head snapped to her, “What?!”
“Oh, oh I mean defunked,” she said while laughing at her mistake.
“Defunked…?” I questioned.
“Yea! Its like um…a store that closes down cause it’s all screwed up now,”
“Oh, ok,”
We walked a few blocks away still searching for the store. 
“Um, Mariah, I don’t think the store is around anymore…” I said anxiously as we went into a dark, creepy area. 
“Yea, we should go back. I saw a new shop that had pretty cheap prices advertised,”
So we went back and got fabrics, paints, etc. at the tiny store. Now, we have all our supplies and it was under $100...nice job. 
JAN. 17th
I strolled down the street glancing for a neon sign that read, ‘Cuban sandwiches’ which Allyssa told me to look out for. I soon saw a little store and turned into it. 
“Hey, Nikki! Isn’t this place adorable?” she said sitting down at a table by the window when I walked over to her.
“Yea, I know right!” 
“Let’s get some sandwiches, dude I’m starving,” 
“Yup, so am I,” I said before taking my jacket setting it on a chair.
We both trotted over to the counter to order some food. We set back down at the table and started chatting it up. After a while she took out her phone when I noticed her eyes grow large. I curiously glanced over her and gaped, “Oh god!” 
She looked up at me and nodded with a permanent smile on her face. 
“I-…I just-I don’t know,” she said still obviously shocked, as was I.
Then, she leaped up out of her chair and into the air. “YES!” she said loud enough for the whole restaurant to hear. She started doing her…I guess victory dance? I spun her ELLE magazine around to see what she had won…because I still didn’t know what this prize was about. The page was open to a large advertisement that read:
Spend it up with Lauren!
In fine print it said the 1500 person to send a text to 1-800-WIN-2958 would win a $10,000 shopping spree with Lauren Conrad in Soho. Lucky… I thought. I got up and hugged the ecstatic, joyous Allyssa.
“Congrats! Tell me how it goes,” I said to her.
“Sure will! And I’ll take pictures, too,” she said with a grin on her lips. 
“And what will you wear?” I asked.
“Oh no! I don’t know…well I mean we are going on a shopping spree hah, but I still need help picking an outfit out…”
“Well call me if you need help,”
I need those photos asap, Allyssa!
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