I walked into the director's giant house, hand in hand with Jared. 

"Hello, Ms. Evans." He said to me. 

I nodded, and Jared shook his hand. 

I wandered around the room, looking at how fancy it was.This man probably had everything he ever wanted, all in this one room. 

"It's starting, it's starting!" A woman in the back squealed like a little kid. 

After the opening credits rolled, we saw a picture of Eagle Bay. The Bay itself, the studio, the house, everything. It was almost as if I wasn't recognizing this place. My place. My home. It was as if I was seeing it for the very first time, in a new light. 

Next, I saw the actress playing Jana, and Daisy. Serena, Poppy. Even myself. It was different. 

This movie, was so powerful, it had me crying in no time. Every single part seemed to hit home. Surprisingly enough, I never shed a tear when it came to my part. I just stayed strong, and knew I should be. This was my life; all portrayed in one movie. My life; two hours and twenty-seven minutes. That was it. And it was all I could've hoped for. 
{Comment if you read. Sorry for the horrible set and story.}
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