ll Girl At Home- Taylor Swift ll
Something was up. 
Something was up… with Belle.
Maybe it was too quick to judge and to spring at accusations since I couldn't put my finger on what it was yet, but I just knew, deep down, that there was something going on. I saw it in the way she look distant while I was talking to her, the way her eyes glazed over past me when I stopped by her locker to tell her something, or even in the way she left so abruptly the other day, shoving the car keys in my hands and running off towards something… or… someone? 

I didn't want to think that Belle was running off to someone, I didn't want to jump to conclusions and be /that/ kind of girlfriend, but who was she so eager to see? It had to be a friend, yes? Maybe I was losing it, maybe I was just being too insecure, suddenly thinking I wasn't enough. 
But somehow, I was still provoked to sign up for drama club. And so, I did. After writing swiftly, my name now graced the hair and makeup part of stage crew underneath the signup sheet. I was alright with both of them they seemed like the only categories I'd be helpful in anyway, but what was I even getting myself up to? Did I really think that Belle was cheating on me with some girl in the drama club? Had I really become that person, that skeptical of my girlfriend's whereabouts? To the point where I was joining a club purely to monitor her? 

"So you're finally joining a club!" Cora's perky voice was suddenly in my ears and I turned around, away from the signup sheet on the bulletin board, smiling at her and shrugging softly. 

"Yeah, I figured I may as well, you know?" I clutch my notebook to my chest, looking at her. Cora and I had become friends. We didn't have much in common, and sometimes she was too busy with glee club to even acknowledge my existence, but the few times I spent with her were absolutely lovely.

"What was the motivation?" She asks, just as the last bell rang for the day, and the hallways began to flood with students. Thankfully I had a study hall last period, so I was already packed and ready to go with my bag awaiting me at my locker. 

I began to walk, Cora walking with me at a decent pace, standing tall as always with her perfect spine, not a bend in her posture at all. Classic Cora. Prim and proper, nothing out of place. How I envied that. She always just had her composure together. Well, some found her composure snobby and conceited, but once you got past that, Cora was fantastic. 

Shrugging again, I looked at her, "I don't know, just needed something to do," I answer briskly. "How's glee club going? Land the lead?" 

Finally, a diversion. A smile of a cheshire cat spread across her face, "Yes, of course. Why wouldn't I? It's not like any of the other members could pull off that incredibly difficult high note, well, it was easy for me," She batted her thick eyelashes. 

That was the conceited part, but it was probably truthful. It was undeniable that Cora's voice was the best in glee club. Whenever I heard them practicing staying after school, it was her vocals that were the strongest. 
"That's good… that's great actually," I found myself smiling and giggling. "How's the love life?" I raised an eyebrow. The chemistry between her glee club partner and her was another thing that was inevitable. Seeing them perform, they went together so well. They looked good up there on stage, like a real couple, even their voices complimenting one another. 

Suddenly that iconic smile faded and she looked down, now her turn to shrug a shoulder, "I'm not sure. How's Belle?"

A diversion once again, this one turning tables back to me. 
"Good… I guess. I'm not sure really either," I laugh nervously, feeling my cheeks burn bright as I reach my locker, quickly turning the dial and popping open the metal door. 

Cora raised an eyebrow, "What do you mean by that? Trouble in paradise?"

Belle and I really did always have a perfect relationship as far as high school relationships went. Usually I heard drama upon drama from the other girls in the locker room concerning their love lives, but when it came to mine, I was free of that. I never had any story to tell of a fight or of a temporary breakup. Not that I would even want to, but we had a pretty clean relationship. It put some pressure on me. When you're known for having such a flawless relationship with someone, the last thing you want to do is admit you're having troubles when you are. I didn't want her to think I was perfect, or that our relationship was perfect, but it was still embarrassing admitting that maybe, things weren't as perfect as our facade showed. Maybe the golden couple wasn't that shiny anymore.

"I just…" I sigh. "She rushed off yesterday, no explanation, and I think… I think she joined drama club for another girl… that maybe she's getting close to another girl and I don't want that! /I'm/ hers!" I trill as I grab my tote bag, hiking it up onto my shoulder and checking my reflection in my cracked plastic mirror. 

"So that was your real motivation for joining drama club," Cora suddenly realizes and I nod. The hallways have practically cleared now and I know that it's time for her to go, just as it's time for me to go and find Belle, for my usual ride home. "I doubt it Lily, but tell me how things are, I have to go to glee club, we're prepping for regionals!" She squeals the last part, obviously excited for their next win. 

I wave good-bye to her, smiling as she prances off down the hallway towards the choir room, where I could already hear the piano playing a melody of a few notes. Closing my locker, I begin to move on, past the west wing of the school and into the east wing where Belle is standing at her locker as usual, but this time there's… someone there. Someone that's not me. 
In fact, if anything she's the complete opposite of me. Bleach blonde hair, smokey eye makeup, and a leather jacket nonchalantly falling off her shoulders. Meanwhile, I looked down at my skinny jeans, blouse and red mary-jane pumps. Was this the girl? 

The girl noticed me, nodding to Belle mid-laugh, just as I tap Belle on the shoulder. She whisked around, her chocolate colored locks nearly hitting me, but before they could, I pulled her in for a kiss, a long lasting one that takes her by surprise. If this was in fact the girl, then this would be my way of showing whats mine is mine, simple as that. Maybe I was jumping to conclusions, but I was just taking precautions… right? I had to take control. 

"Hey," I smile at Belle once I pull out of the kiss, linking my arm with hers, then staring at the blonde tramp, "Who's this?" I ask politely, my voice as sweet as sugar. 

"Lily, this is my friend Tay, she's in drama club with me… she's been helping me with lines and things," She smiles gently and cautiously at me. 

Tay looks at me, a gently smile on her face. I'd seen her around and surely she'd seen me around as well, but I never thought we would be acquainted quite like this. "Nice to meet you," She utters, a glint in her eye, a glare unlike anything else.

I nod, "You as well. Belle can we get going? Long day," I explain, hoping to get the heck out of there as fast as possible. The iciness radiating from Tay was suddenly killing me and here was the last place I desired to be. 

"Yeah," Belle says quickly, looking at Tay and waving, "I'll see you tomorrow, Tay!"

"7, right?" Tay says and I raise an eyebrow. Did they have… plans? They did… didn't they? I could feel my heart sink. But if she was cheating, clearly the two would try to be sneakier, right? 

"Yeah, I'll see you later!" Belle says, hiking her bag higher on her shoulder as I pulled her the opposite way, unlinking our arms that I had previously pulled together, instead crossing them as we walked down the deserted hallway. 

"So, how'd you meet her?" I ask Belle, the iciness suddenly in my tone, just as I push the main door open and walk out to the parking lot, Belle unlocking her car. 

Belle shrugs as she pulls her door open, getting inside as I do the same. "I don't know… she saw I was signing up and offered to help. She's been in drama for awhile so she knows what she's doing Lily."

Oh yeah, she knows what she's doing alright, I think as I roll my eyes. She knows she's trying to get with my girlfriend. That's what she f.cking knows.
The saddest part about it was that I don't even think Belle noticed. And maybe she wouldn't notice until it was too late.
I didn't want that to happen. Like I said- what's mine is mine.
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two comments

Wrote three years ago
@n-efelibata Oh trust me, you're going to be seeing a lotttttttt more of jealous Lily. It's going to be extreme.

Wrote three years ago
Jealous Lily is probably the greatest thing that has evee happened.


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