I don't even know how this set came about but I was trying to aim for a it-just-rained-so-I-should-get-some-coffee type of look. I tried to make a little set-up of a coffee shop down there with the dog and suitcase and blahblah but I don't even have space for a damn chair. I think this is going to be my last attempt to make such a set. Well, if you, people, like it then just tell me so but if you don't, don't even tell me xD 

I was tagged by @sophiesb in her magical set and I am to construct a list of the top 10 favorite things. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED GIIRL. 
TOP 10 Favorite Things 
1. When God answers my prayers haha. (should be a favorite of everyone, you know) 
2. Listening to music (Queen especially duh) 
3. Watching psychological thrillers (INCEPTION SDAKDJLSA) 
4. Anything with cheese (just not artificial nuh un eww)
5. Pugs
7. Having someone encourage me when I'm feeling down. 
8. Playing with my kitties :D 
9. Just falling face-flat on my really, really soft bed and waking up at 12 the next day 
10. Writing about my day in my journal. 
Now I tag these brilliant polyfriends of mine! 
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