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|| Stan ||

[June 25th] All of Beverly Hill's finest families are hosting a charity gala in the renowned Ancala mansion. All proceeds will be sent directly to the American Red Cross association. But, the nannies are in need of money to plot their escape from Beverly Hills. What will happen when the box filled with checks magically disappears?

[ 7:56 pm ] 

"Get up."

My eyes snap open and I look around my jail cell to see where the voice is coming from--but everything is as it was last night. 

I close my eyes and nearly drift off to sleep when the same voice speaks again. 

"Hey tiny, open your snappers and look out the zebra walls." 

I groan at my obnoxious cell mate and reopen my eyes and turn towards the cell pillars. 

I am greeted with an unpleasant face of Ursula. 

"Get lost." 

I mumble and turn over in my cot and try to fall asleep. 

"You are coming with me." 

I grab my pillow and chuck it at the pillars, but I hear it collapse onto the ground with an "oompf" sound. 

"Do that again and I won't help you escape. I need to prove to the rest of those bimbos that I am a kind-hearted soul. Now get up and look alive." 

I contemplate my options. 

I can either live my life in this jail cell and rot away into a dried prune. 


I can escape with Ursula and kill her before leaving the prison. 


I hop up out of my cot and rush to the pillars. 

"What's the plan?" 

Ursula gives me a mischievous grin and explains that she will lure the prison guard into giving her the keys. Then she will free me and I will change my clothes to look like a visitor and then we will head to the charity gala this evening. 


Ursula fluffs up her hair and unbuttons her shirt before walking over to the prison guard. 

She offers him a few chocolates, and I just assume that they are ordinary coco filled treats, but of course, I am dead wrong. 

The guard sniffs one before plopping it into his mouth. 

Moments later he passes out and then Ursula grabs his keys dangling from his pocket. 

"Let's move." 

She says and quickly frees me from my cage. 


After changing into a beautiful gown in the visitor's bathroom, we both head into the lobby, and I am greeted with confused stares. 

I ignore everyone and nearly sprint out the door and into the setting sun. 

I twirl around once I step outside and nearly hug Ursula, but then I remember that this girl has tried to kill me three times. 

"What is going on?" 

I stop twirling and squint my eyes and notice Elsa approaching the two of us wearing a beautiful gown and holding a rope. 

"I was supposed to save you----not---her." 

Ursula scoffs and walks off as her phone rings. 

"She did this to prove to the nannies that she is a sugarplum princess and that I am the wicked stepsister." 

I explain to a bewildered Elsa. 

"How quaint. Well, I don't see why you are just standing here. The police will be looking for you in a matter of minutes. Let's move." 

Unless--wait a second. 

Ursula appears at night where security is the highest. 
She poisons the guard with my favorite brand of chocolate. 
Then she has me slip on a gown that is bullet proof. 

"Elsa, run!" 

I yell and shove her as the door to the jail bursts open and a dozen or so guards rush out and grab my arms. 

Elsa ducks behind a large sign and Ursula gets off her phone and winks at me before sauntering to the parking lot. 


I yell in her direction as the police guards shove me back inside the jail. 

I am placed in a bare room with just a desk and a chair. 

Although I am alone in this room, I feel tons of people watching me through the reflective window. 

This was a setup. 
How could I have been so naive. 


"You have a phone call." 

A voice says over an invisible intercom. 

I nod as the door opens and a disposable phone is handed to me. 

"We can hear you entire conversation, so don't try anything." 

The guard boasts before stepping outside. 

I lean back in my chair and hold the phone up to my ear. 


"Suri, it's Chandler. I was just calling to see how you were? There is a party tonight and I wanted to see what you plan on wearing." 

My mouth hangs open as "Chandler" continues to talk about nothing in particular. 

"Err..I'm in jail." 

I hear laughter in the background and finally come to the realization that Channary is the one on the phone with me, and Elsa is in the background trying to restrain laughter. 

"I have been practicing my magic tricks and plan on trying them out in a half hour or so. Do you enjoy a good show?" 

My eyebrows raise and I try to dissect Channary's question. 

"I do love a good performance." 

I say before the phone beeps and the guard saunters back inside. 

"That was one hell of a conversation." 

He says as he grabs my phone and heads back outside into the real world. 

I nod to myself and stare at the wall. 


Although this room is supposed to be sound proof, I hear commotion coming from outside, and I try to look out the reflective window, but I am stuck looking at my dismal state. 

my dress isn't ripped, but it isn't smooth like the Givenchy runway model had it. My hair is a mess and my makeup is only partially on. My lipstick has smeared from the guards grasp on me, and my voice is slightly hoarse from yelling. 

I really hate Ursula. 


The door bursts open and my eyes grow wide as a hunched back woman with curly grey hair with pink glasses rushes over to me and gives me a hug. 

"Моя прекрасная внучка!!!"

The lady engulfs me into a hug as I try and translate her fluent Russian. 

Her beautiful granddaughter?

The lady pulls back and winks at me. 


I try as hard as I can not to laugh as she exits the room. 


About twenty or so minutes later the guards enter the room and apologize to me over and over again as my "grandmother" slaps a guard with her cane. 

"Shame on your grandmother, mother, and your step-sister for accusing my granddaughter of nearly killing her boyfrfiend." 


Pretty soon, I am walking outside hand in hand with my grandmother. 

"You are the best grandmother." 

I say loudly and give her yet another hug. 

She pats my head and points to a shabby mercedes. 


She says. 


Once we are both in the car Channary rips off her fake mask, wig, pearls, glasses, scarf, and dress, revealing a beautiful pearl colored gown. 

"Oh my God I love you." 

I say and begin to laugh. 

Channary grins and explains that it was the time of her life. 

"Elsa helped me with the disguise and Lola helped me with my Russian. As for Ursula, she boasted to everyone that she assisted in your rescue. But, that's not what happened, right?" 

After telling Channary what actually happened between Ursula and I she begins to grip the steering wheel harder as we pull up to the venue. 


After handing the car to the valet, the two of us step inside the gorgeously lit charity gala. 

"Timothy's still undergoing several surgeries. No visitors are allowed since he is basically a crime scene." 

Channary explains as Nico and Valeriya walk over. 

"I wish I had the chance to see you in an orange jumpsuit." 

Nicos says before taking a sip of her champagne. 

Valeriya gives her a look before gesturing for all of us to head over to the bar. 


Once the four of us arrive at the bar, we are greeted by Lola, Portia, and Elsa. 

"Let's all have a round before I explain the plan."

Portia states. 

Lola and i stare at each other uneasy before grabbing a shot of vodka from the marble top counter. 

"Here's to being the best damn nannies in the land." 

Ursula announces. 

I nearly choke on my drink as she takes a seat beside me and drapes her arm over my shoulder. 

I reach for my dagger but Elsa quickly shoos away Ursula and takes a seat beside me. 

"There will be no killing until I hear about this plan." 

Elsa whispers as Portia begins to speak. 

"If we are all to ever live a normal life, we are going to need more money. This gala is basically a charity event. All donations will go to the American Red Cross. But, what if we took the money and split it amongst ourselves? Then, we would be unstoppable." 




I stare at Portia and watch as she drinks another shot. 

"I'm in." 

Nico says finally. 

"Me too." 

Valeriya states. 

"Count me in." 

Ursula says loudly. 

I rest my head in my palm before nodding. 

Elsa, Lola, and Channary soon agree and then the plotting commences. 


Basically, Nico plans on distracting the room full of people while Valeriya steals the cheques. Then, Portia will take the money to one of the private rooms upstairs and Lola and Elsa will sneak the money out the window and to the car, and then I will drive off with the money with Ursula to a storage unit. 

Don't ask about why Ursula and I got paired together. 
Don't ask. 


After all of us nannies socialize with guests to the charity gala, I notice Nico walk up to the stage. 

She grabs a champagne glass along the wall as well as a spoon. 

All of us nannies turn to look at Nico, minus Lola and Elsa who disappear to one of the rooms I assume. 

I feel a nudge and look to see Ursula gesturing outside. 

I nod and we both head off to Lola's car. 


After what seems like an hour or so of waiting in the dark, Elsa comes flying down with a bag and quickly shoves it in the trunk before yelling at us to drive. 

Ursula puts the car into drive and speeds out of the parking lot and onto the highway. 

"I can't believe this worked." 

I say to myself. 

Ursula nods and begins to go 85 on a 65. 

"Slow down or else we will get caught." 

I hiss. 

Ursula laughs and breaks, sending me flying towards the dashboard. 

She pulls off onto the side of the highway and stares at me eagerly. 

"You need to die Suri." 

I touch my pounding head and look at Ursula's menacing eyes. 

"Go. To. Hell." 

I say coldly before grabbing my dagger and shoving it towards her, sending her head back to hit her side window. 

I rest my dagger over her neck and laugh.

"You will have to be quicker than that." 

I whisper as bright red lights begin to flood the car. 

I quickly dart back and hide my dagger as someone or something knocks on Ursula's window. 

She breathes slowly while rolling down the window. 

"Everything all right?" 

The officer asks and explains that a ton of money went missing at the charity gala and the police is searching.

"We are both just fine. We are both nannies and our host parents called us to go back and check on the kids... we snuck out and decided to head to the gala." 

Ursula says at a rapid pace. 

I stare at her confused as the police officer grins and wishes us to drive safely before walking away. 

As soon as Ursula rolls up her window I begin yelling at her. 


I feel a sharp pang in my arm and then I see stars. 


When I open my eyes, I am surrounded by empty space minus a large box. 

I crawl over and peer into the box. 

Dozens of checks lie neatly at the bottom and I fold my arms, satisfied. 

That bitxx knocked me out and has left me here to die. 

"How quaint." 

As Elsa would say. 


Eventually, the door opens and I am greeted by Ursula and Nico. 

"A rescue party?" 

I ask, sarcasm dripping from my voice. 

Nico smiles deviously at me before bringing forth a gun and point it at my head. 

"One word about this to anyone and you will wish that I had killed you weeks ago." 

I stare at Nico and notice a figure behind her. 

I lean over and notice Cannary staring at me. 

"Meet the newest member of the I am going to kill Suri club." 

Ursula announces.

My mouth drops and tears begin to flood my eyes as I stand up and follow the girls out of the room and back to the car. 

As I walk, Channary turns to speak to me but I shun her and continue to walk. 

Betrayal is the worst kind of feeling that you can have.

#popsicles if you read it all! 

Hope you all liked the twist at the end :)
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