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This set is for the Romwe contest AND The Locals audition! :) 

Name: Jensynn Fuhrman 
Age: 19
Hometown: Sarasota, FL

-Tell us a little bit about your life and what led up to you deciding to come to Hatata. 

My life is honestly quite boring. I've lived in Florida all my life and pretty much all there is to do there is watch old people and go to the beach. Unfortunately I am as pale as you get without being albino so I don't go to the beach much unless I want to look like a lobster, which is not preferable. My parents work crazy hours because they're both doctors so I see them whenever I can. They're pretty cool but we're not that close, considering their job situation. Whatever, I just go with the flow. My friends work at Disney World so I go visit them with gobs of sunscreen to protect me. But after awhile it got boring being by myself all the time, observing the old people who move here to die. I wanted a change. So I decided to try to make something of myself and come here.

-Was it your choice for you to come here, or are you being forced by someone else?

Like I said, I decided I wanted to. I graduated from high school with honors, but I had no idea what I wanted to do so my parents said I could take off a year from college. I'm hoping this place will help me "find myself" or in my parents language "be the person you're meant to be, it'll come to you".

-What are you hoping to gain by being on the island?

A sense of myself. I don't know really, I just want to find out what I'm supposed to be doing for the rest of my life. Sure I'm smart. Sure I'm friendly. Sure I'm fashionable (probably the most fashionable in the whole Orlanda area). But I don't know where that can take me. Out of Florida, maybe. But I want something tangible, a real grip of my supposed destiny.

-What is your best skill, or your favorite skill?

My best skill is probably my personality. Yeah that sounds cheesy but I feel like I can adapt to the situation. I can have a sense of humor and sarcasm with my close friends. I can be polite and courteous to the elders. I can be responsible and focused at school. I just work well with others.

-What is something about you that you need to work on? 

Eh, this question always gets to me. See my personality is usually great, but I'm sensitive too. When people push my buttons, I kinda break down. I can't really help it, I just have thin skin. Even when people don't mean to, they can upset me. I try to do that in private though if I can help it. I've always hated being called a crybaby. 

Model: Daphne Groeneveld 

SO there's my audition @glitterinmyviens and @xoluxury hope you like it! <3

I'm supposed to tag 3 high fashion RPers now so um hey guys... @istylista @the-clary-project @deercat :)
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