"Congrats on the engagement." I heard a deep voice call out from behind me.
It was all the talk lately.
Either the engagement, the bombing, or the kanye west incident at the vmas.
I rolled my eyes and turned around, quick to slap a smile on my face, i was facing an elder.
A mr. Ben Pompeo.
"Why thank you." I responded politely, as i turned back to the parade. I looked around for Rocco, but he was busy with his Gia, pretecting her young young soul.
"Gessica, follow. Come, lets talk." He ordered.
Though my guts were telling me no, that i should stay in the public's view, where i was worshiped, where everyone knew i had the upperhand with the corleone name. His commanind voice, though, frightened me.
I followed.
I was led to his office.
Soon his room was emptied, as he nodded of his men.
Motions for me to sit on the couch followed.
I stared around the room, and out the windows. I could faintly see the streamers and confetti and money being thrown around from the parade.
Voices carried, all in deep italian.
"Like i said, Miss Corleone, Congrats on the fiance." Mr.Pompeo said in sicilian.
Probably, i thought, so his people and family in the building, if they were home, could not understand.
"Grazi." I replied, back in sicilian, following his lead.
"Now, i know you want to do as much as you can to preotect your..connor blake? is it." He continued, as i nodded and crossed my legs.
He walked over slowly, his hands in his trouser's pockets, and sat down next to me.
He placed his arm over my shoulder, intensifying the conversation.
"I will offer my full protection to your husband and potential children. A neutral state, from my men to yours." Ben offered as he put a hand on my lap.
I could feel my own body tense up.
I knew he wanted something more.
My cooperation and my body.
I also knew the doors were locked: No way out even if i tried.
I choked on my tears and nodded.
"So, you understand the deal we are making here?" He asked, again in his quick sicilian voice.
Again, i nodded.

All talking ceased.
It was replaced with moaning, a few silent tears, and the sound of clothes hitting the floor, and a head hitting the arm reast of a leather couch much too many times.
HIs face looking over me, and my now de-flowered naked body.
His toned stomach on mine,
His legs on mine.
My makeup became smeared with the tears and sweat forming from the 2 hours of sex.
The 2 hours i lost my innocence.
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