Dear Poly-friends and fellow Project Runway aficionados,
I invite you to support Mondo via Polyvore and show resident bit*h Nina Garcia how easily marketable his aesthetic really is. If she can't put on a show with all this color and funk, then maybe, it's time to clear some space in the Marie Claire offices. 
P.S. This is in no way directed against Gretchen (whom I rooted for in the beginning of the season). I thought her collection was beautiful, just not fashion-forward and creative enough. After all, Project Runway is (in my humble opinion) about the fantasy. It's about putting on a show that's slightly unacceptable, slightly more hectic and less perfected than a regular fashion house extravaganza. It is about bringing a splash of deviant, un-labeled je-ne-sais-quoi. It's about a look that's difficult to put in a box and the box on a shelf, lock th door and check another season off a corporate list. This is directed against the judges and the producers of the show, who made their decision in a totalitarian fashion. 
Mondo's great! The Interwebs love him. Project Runway's loyal fans support him. He will land on his feet. This is about injustice and, ironically enough, about a lack of coherence in the judges arguments and their opinions from one episode to the other. And since fashion is subjective, I'd really like to see a clear list of what they are looking for specifically. "The next great fashion designer" is just a catchphrase, meant to allow upper management to meddle with the results. 
Go! Go! Go, Mondo, you magnificent genius of color, fabric and texture!
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