Misfits of Manhattan [MoM] tryout

Arabella Moon, 16
While most of the Sacred Cross girls are Daddy’s Girls, Ara is definitely a Mommy’s girl. Maybe it’s the fact that her real dad left years ago, or maybe the fact that all her step-fathers have been horrible, but whatever it is, Ara loves her mother. While most girls try to distance themselves from their mothers, or say they never want to be like their mothers, Ara is trying her hardest to follow in her footsteps. Editor in Chief of a fashion magazine, that’s all she wants. Vogue is definitely her preference, but anything she can get, she’ll take. Much like Carrie Bradshaw she always felt like the magazine fed her more than food could. That’s probably why when all the girls are having lunch, she’s sitting off to the side with a magazine across her lap. She’s got a goal and she’s set. Good luck with that.
Model: Miranda Kerr


Top Three:
Arabella Moon
Naomi Kennedy
Katelyn Rose


I pulled on my Isabel Marant jacket on top of my Michael Kors' wool-blend shift dress, and then made my way down the stairs of my Upper East Side town house. "Mother, I am ready to go when you are." I called out once I reached the lobby of our home.

My mother worked at a high fashion magazine where she was the Editor in Chief, and now that is all I want to be. As a child I would go many times to the office with my mother, especially after my father left. All that time there I fell in love with the atmosphere and at the age of 13 I was certain that my future was being a editor in chief. 

So now I try to learn as much as I can about the job and am "intern" at the magazine. By "interning" there I get more experience so when I try to get a job at Vogue, my dream place of work but it could be any high fashion magazine, as an editor of chief. 

This passion of mine ruled my life. At school while the girls ate their food and gossiped, I was on my own going through various fashion magazines page by page and critiquing it as I went. I often passed on food so I could spend more time looking at the magazine. Many compared me to the great Carrie Bradshaw, of Sex in the City.

"Arabella, you sure you don't want to go shopping with your friends. With all your knowledge, I am sure your help would be benefited." My mother said as she excited her home office. There was only one problem with my dream, my mother. I mean she supported me, she did get me the "internship," but she thought I was to young to be sure of what I wanted to due with the rest of my life.

"As helpful as I know I would be, there is a party tonight and I already have the perfect dress. So lets get going." I said picking up my Alexander Wang tote and started for the elevator.

"Sure." She said whilst following me into the elevator. Once inside my mother pulled her cell out of her own bag and starting to dial a number.

"Who are you calling?" I questioned as I looked at the new gossip girl blast.

"Stefan." She said with a stupid lovesick smile upon her older face, after she uttered the nae I rolled my eyes in response. Stefan, was working his way to become step-father number 3. My mother, since my father left, was always afraid that the men she was interested in were going to leave her - so her solution was to marry them. Each marriage ended within a couple of years - they were not the perfect matches and fights were a consistent. So a father figure really has never been present in my life and my only role model has always been my mother. 

But I pushed away my future step-father from my mind and tried to stay positive. The way I stayed positive was just by thinking about my future as an editor in chief. Nothing or no one could stop me from me pursuing my goal.

[NOTE: her "internship" is more of going to the place of work and helping out where ever they need it - so she gets experience in the field]
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